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  1. my pit bull has terrible gas and diarrhea

    We are soft-hearted retirees who have adopted a street dog (pit bull) who showed up on our doorstep more than 2 months ago. He has scars all over his head and front arms, which shows he has been "fought". He is gentle and sweet, but now has developed terrible gas and diarrhea. I have changed his food at least 4 times, now have him on chicken (boiled) and rice (which he does not like).
    He loves the chicken, however....would like to know suggestions of a really good dry dog food.
    Probably one with no corn or gluten in ingredients.

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    Don't feed the dog for 24 hours and then start introducing his new food gradually. That he has scars does not mean he has been fought-it just means that he is a dog and picked up some cuts and bruises through his time.

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    Welcome to Pit Bull Chat! You should post your question in our Pit Bull Health & Nutritional Care Section. You will get more responses there.

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