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  1. Question Pooping in the House Discipline?

    I have heard that you are not supposed to discipline a dog after you come home and discover they have had an accident in the house because the justs tells them you are punishing them for pooping or peeing period. This doesn't make sense to me. Whenever our Ruby has an accident in the house she immediately rolls over on her back and is super submissive before we even discover the mess... any advice on the proper way to discipline after an accident short of just keeping her outside or in the crate when away? I don't want to "lock her up" in the crate all day but that is the only way she is 100% consistent. :confused:

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    Well first of all they don't know why you are punishing them because way to much time has passed so correcting her for doing something bad will just confuse her. Second of all why don't you want her crated? The crate is a great tool. If it is the only way she will hold it all day why not utilize it?

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    Dogs have accidents when left alone. So keep crated unless she is 100% potty trained.

    And you are correct, scolding a dog for having an accident if you do NOT see it with your own eyes and catch them in the act, will NOT work. Because they will $#@!ociate poop and pee on the ground = BAD, this is why so many dogs "know what they did" and act submissive when you come home. They know that you will find the mess, and are "apologizing" (for lack of better word.. meh..)

    This can also lead to the dog eating the mess, as to clean up to avoid scolding.

    A crate is NOT for discipline, it should be her safe place, and with a frozen peanut butter filled kong, she will enjoy her time in the crate while you are gone, and then nap.

    Why leave her out, just so she can be reprehended for something she is not 100% train on yet?

    POTTY TRAIN the dog all over again.
    ONLY discipline IF you SEE the dog making poo with our own eyes, and then immediately take them outside. And PRAISE PRAISE PRAISE anytime she poos or pees outside. Maybe get a tasty treat ONLY for the these reward. =]

    Oh yes, again, why would you give your DOG the house to roam when not potty trained?? She is a dog, respect her as one and give her a "Cave like" dwelling to feel comfortable in and stay out of trouble. =] CRATE!

    I'll ask again, why give the dog the house.. There are very few dogs that NEVER get crated.. I would also suggest from here on out, never use it for when he's bad, unless it's less than a 5 minute time out!

    Why does it not make sense, they are not human, they do not PONDER, they $#@!OCIATE and REACT. If you are putting it's nose in the poo every time you find it, you could cause her to even not want to poo outside, for fear of "if I poop I get scolded.."

    "advice on the proper way to discipline after an accident"
    That's our advice, avoid the situation by crating. Period.
    Hope all that helps. =]
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  4. I guess putting her in the crate makes me feel guilty. She likes her crate but of course she woudl rather go wtih us and sleep with us and not in her crate. All the dogs I have had before were never crated - this is a new thing from my husband who always crated.

    It's good to get a perspective and hear what everyone else is doing adn what is working. Thanks! Oh! And how big is a big enough crate?

  5. 1) Dogs NEVER do things out of spite.
    If he's going in the house, it's not to piss you off, or to prove a point, or anything else, it's simply because he does not understand what it is you want of him

    2) DO NOT punsih your dog after the fact.
    If you come home to a mess, don't say anything at all. Just clean it up. You can only effectively "correct" an unwanted behaviour when that behaviour is being displayed.

    Dogs do not $#@!ociate well. If you come home, and your dog went on the floor, and you yell at the dog for going on the floor when you are away, he will not understand WHY you are yelling at him. He will think you are simply unbalanced, unpredictible, and worthy of fear. He does not know that HE has done anything wrong. He simply believes that you are likely to get angry at him. He doesn't know he shouldn't go in the house, he just knows you shouldn't see it.

    3) Priase, don't punish.
    When he DOES go outside, make it a great big happy deal. "Good boy! Good potty! What a good boy! Yay!" and treats. This way going outside isn't just a matter of that's where he happens to be when he needs to go. He will understand that it makes you happy when he goes outside.

    Don't "punish" accidents. If you didn't catch him in the act, do not react at all, just clean it up. If you DO catch him in the act, don't go nuts. A simple verbal correction, "NO!" "Ah ah!" whatever, then take him out. Do not overly scold, hit, scruff, yell at or anything else. You don't need to make them feel awful for what they did, they simply need to know that you do not approve.

    Proper application of correction/praise is very important. If you simply punish bad behaviours, your dog will not know what it IS supposed to do as an alternative, so you have to make the alternative rewarding by praising it when it's performed.

    Crate training is an invaluable tool for housebreaking. The idea is...if you can't supervise the dog to make sure he doesn't have an accident. he goes in the crate.

    Your job right now, is to re-condition the dog. In order to do this succesfully, you need to prevent any accidents from occuring at all...this means constant supervision.

    The act of relieving itself IS reward. Every time he goes in the house, and is not caught IN THE ACT...he is reinforcing his own bad behavior. You must prevent this from happening.

    What you are essentially doing is building a behavioral habit. Get him on a schedule for food, walks, playtime...same time every day. After a while of not being ABLE to go in the house (because you watch him like a hawk and get him outside BEFORE he goes) and a while of being praised profoundly when he goes outside, he'll get the idea.

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    Bear stays in his crate a lot of the time during the day, his crate is in the living room so he is with us and can see us, but if he is left out unattended he will have an accident, he is a puppy and needs supervision 100% of the time, and if you cant provide that CRATE HIS $#@!.
    Thats what I do, and it works and he is almost 100% potty trained now.
    If he has an accident and we dont see him I just clean it up, but if I catch him I tell him NO and BAD DOG and then make him go outside anyway, because he usually has to go more.

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    Glad to help out. By the way, the dog can still sleep with you IF she works for it. (don't let her own the bed, only up on invites.) If not, then try to get past feeling bad about her sleeping in her own "den."

    Also, the crate should be large enough for them to turn around and stand up and lay down, comfortable, but not so big that they can pee/poo in a corner and sleep on the other side. Buy a crate with a divider, as you can experiment with the size needed. =]

  8. There is a sticky on housebreaking. I suggest you take a peep at that thread also.

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    You shouldnt punish for that, you should get them on a proper schedule. Housebreaking is one of the hardest things to do with a dog, it can take up to 6 months.

    And I agree, read the Housebreaking sticky in Training and Behavior.

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