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  1. Pit Bull can't walk

    Hello. Has anyone experienced their pit bull losing full feeling and mobility with their back legs? The vet says he's not in pain but there is nothing she can do.

    We have a wheel chair for him for the outside - but inside he slithers across the floor. He acts like a puppy. Any advice or support would be helpful.

    Thank you!

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    Sounds like a neurological issue.

    If the vet says he isn't in pain, I would just do your best to make him comfortable and easy to get around.

    I actually remember a video going around not too long ago about a guy who takes care of his dog who cannot use its back legs at all. He does everything for this dog, even make some special thing for the dog to exercise and whatnot. Pretty incredible. If I can find the video, I'll post a link later to it.

  3. Thanks! That woul dbe great! We have to carry him outside because his paws drag and they get all cut up; we have to carry him up and down the stairs. It is neurological and in layman's terms - his spine is deteriorating and suppressing his nerves - hence the loss of feeling/control.

    The ironic part is he still thinks he has the use of 4 legs. :)

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    It sounds like a neurologic issue with nerve impingement.Is the spine/disks pushing down compressing the nerves or is it something with the nerves deteriorating (like degenerative myleopathy) Does he have bowel/badder control or no?

    Something like this might help him(and you) get up the stairs.

    You can use booties to protect his feet from being rubbed raw.

    if he has issues with going to the bathroom,doggy diapers will help.

    also here are some other things you may find useful..........
    pet ramps
    info and supplies for disabled dogs
    I agree if the dog isn't suffering and you don't have a problem doing a little extra for him,keep him happy and love him!

    I also have a disabled dog...and to him he's perfectly normal!

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