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  1. Older Pit Bull Back Legs are limp

    I have a 12 year old Pit Bull soon to be 13 in June. He acts like a puppy - still wants to play and be loved. He is the sweetest things and he means the world to me. However, his back legs are dragging - the vet says ther is nothing we can do - she says he feels nothing and basically his spine is deteriorating. Has anyone experienced this?

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  3. Thank you very much!

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    I'd ask the vet to tell you exactly what is wrong and then go to another vet and see what they think. Welcome

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    how old is the dog?

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    My old shep/huskey mix devolved this at the end of her life(18 years). I went to 3 different vets and it was the same thing, basically old age. I kept her safe and happy till she couldn't walk anymore or feel if she had to defecate( she would just have poo fall out of her)then I put her to sleep at home on a blanket in the gr$#@! on a nice summers day.
    By all means get another opinion, but watch out for vet trying to make money off a old dog... :(

  7. Yeah my dog is just about the same age and he drags his back left leg I don't know what I can do to help him :(

  8. I swear I went through the same exact thing. We did rehab, meds from vet, tryed natural remedies. Some helped, some was probably pointless. 1st it was just 1 leg that she started dragging, and got a big nasty open sore from doing so. Then, the other leg went. It got to the point where she couldn't move on her own. I used a towel around her tummy to hold her back end up, and take her out to potty, to eat, to sleep, to do literally everything. She was still a happy dog, while laying down, which is why I kept her alive for so long like that some point you really gotta think about the quality of life the dog is living. She was a month away from 13 when she was pts and cremated. Even though I have other dogs, and now a puppy, I still find myself talking about that dog all the time.

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    Old thread is old.

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