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    My BF + Frozen Bloodworms = HILAROUS!

    My BF was begging me to let him put a cube of bloodworms into the tank for our fish.

    So I told him okay one cube..

    A few seconds later I hear him scream and be like "baby!! the worms got on me!"

    And he rips his t shirt off and throws it on the floor, with the worms.

    Then asks me "Can they bite?!!" All serious.

    I had to tell him they were dead and frozen lol poor man
    He wouldnt even put the cube in after that lol

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    Too funny!

    I ususally just pop them into the tank frozen directly from the container. LOL

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    I told him to do that lol but somehow it went on him I guess.

    Guess I have to supervise him from now on

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    LOL. I ended up buying two dozen feeder goldfish for my cichlid tank because the hubby likes to watch the cichlids chase them. It is the simple things they like.

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    Boys are such weenies.

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    I know my BF was sitting in front of my tank just hoping the new fish would eat one of my platties lol

    And he is so pissed off at the pleco for chasing the new fish

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    I so would have $#@!ed with him and told him they wouldn't bite,but that they would burrow into his skin and breed.

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    I was laughing to hard, I did something like that to my stepdad.
    He was a ll sweaty and outside and all these flies kept landing on him and he asked if they could bite him, I said no.. but they are probably laying eggs in your skin.

    I have never seen a 6' 6 200+lb man move so fast in my life!

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    lol Thanx for the laugh

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