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Thread: So excited!

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    So excited!

    Sitting here surfing the forums on MFK and here, I cant wait to get my babies tomorrow!

    I am in a Monster energy educed super nerd out on dogs and fish!

    Delhezi fo' Sheezy!

    Pictures of them coming tomorrow!

  2. what are you getting? If it's something you're not supposed to have...don't post it. ;)

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    No these are legal lol

    Its called a Delhezi Bichir (i think i spelled it right)

    I wish I could get something I am not supposed to have lol

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    awww thoes things a wild lookin

  5. Ah! The armored bichir! (Polypterus delhezi)

    I've kept a couple bichirs myself. So FAVORITE predatory fish (that you can own, lol).

    They are one of the only families of fish known to actively stalk their a cat does. They can also move their heads independantly from their bodies. Fascinating to watch.

    How many are you getting? How much did they cost? Where did you get them from? I'm NOT gonna buy anymore fish from the local shops. PetCo is ALWAYS a no go, PetsMart is good about their return policy, and ours does a good job keeping everything healthy, but they lack variety, and the aquarium specialty store has tremendous variety, but has a no refund policy, and it's really hit-or-miss healthwise.

    If you want a less common fish, that's where to go...but you have a good 75% chance of losing the fish because of poor conditions.

    Wow. You totally just inspired me. I have a 55 gallon tank that's been cycling for months...pretty much just housing a crayfish I caught out back.

    I've been half-$#@!ed thinking about what I'd like to do with it.

    Time to do some fish shopping. :)

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    Very cool fish!!
    We needed something to eat some guppies, so we now have a Convict and a jack Dempsey.
    But I bet those fish could eat extra guppies...

  7. A bit of advice (that you probably already know)...

    When I got my first bichir, he was about 5 inches long. I was told of their predatory nature, but that they were safe with fish as large or larger than them. I was 14 actually, and there was no internet (to speak of) at the time, so oppertunities for research were slim.

    I kept him with an oscar of the same size, and they did fine together without incident for several weeks.

    Then one morning, I switched on the tank light and BAM! The bicher shot from the bottom of the tank, plucked one of the oscar's eyes right out of his head, and high tailed it back to the bottom to eat his prize.

    The poor oscar was just sitting there like..."WTF just happened?!"

    These guys are really best kept individually, but I've read that in a big enough tank, you can house two of the same species.

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    They were seperated and the oscar lived another 5 years, till I forgot to put the brick on his tank lid and he jumped out when I was away. :(

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    YEP! They were on sale for 39.99 I was going to get two but I didnt have enough for the food and the fish :(
    So I will be going back in a few days lol
    I picked mine cuz it was the first one that looked at me :) I love how prehistoric they are and how (like the snakedhead) they will look at you and see whats up, unlike my stupid platy :P
    I got it from a specialty fish shop called Ocean Floor and they only have a return policy on fish under 10 bucks *BOO* but its a hardy fish and unless I do something completely stupid I shouldnt be able to kill it lol
    I only got to petco and petsmart if I am gonna get food, I dont buy fish there they usually die and their selection is $#@!.
    Yea mine is about 5in right now and I have it in with about 10 platies who are to big to eat right now *MAYBE* but if they get nom nom'd its not a big deal.

    I think this is going to be a very nice little guy/gal. I will take a picture of it when it calms down a little, now I gotta think of a name! :)

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    The tank they were in wasnt huge but there were about 10 in with a few tetras. For my tank size I dont think I would go over 2 if I even get another..

  9. I can't BELIEVE they put them in with tetras...that's an idiot thing to do lol.

    Actually...It's not what YOU do with the fish after you buy them that I'd be worried's what they may have been exposed to in the pet store that worries me.

    The aquarium store here overcowds, and has sick fish in EVERY tank. So you buy a healthy looking fish, and after you get it home, it dies of something it picked up in the store.

    However, this chance is impossible to avoid taking...unless you can buy direct from a breeder...which can be next to impossible with most they are easier to find wild caught (which is where most pet store fish come from).

    It's always a crap shoot. Hopefully your store does a better job with fish care than ours does, but if they put bichirs in with smaller's not too likely lol.

    At LEAST a 24 hour return period should be present (I feel). A store's lack of return policy shows a lack of confidance in their product. Basically...they KNOW it's likely to they KNOW they are gonna lose money if they implement a return policy.

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    They were pretty big tetras and I think they let them eat them lol not sure everything looked very healthy, they have some gigantic tanks and separate by size, and species.
    This place is really good, only serious fish people usually go there. Too many GIANT fish that no one but experienced people can handle are there. Their arowana is like 4 feet long, and they have a 5 1/2ft red tail right when you walk in, and they have a HUGE Koi pond with water fall running right through the middle of the store.
    So long as I have been going there nothing Ive bought has ever died on me, unlike the "popular" chain fish stores.
    Here are some pictures!

    Here is my pleco

    Here is my Bichir

    My "Hitlers" (thats what I call them cuz most have the mustache)

    Her whole body (idk if its a "her" yet)

    One day.. Nom Nom!

    I think she will do fine, nice healthy color and is moving around and eating. Almost thought she was gonna eat the platy last night when I was watching. She looked VERY interested :)

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    Ignore the ugly plant lol

    Again ignore ugly plant..

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    I think I am gonna have to trade in my pleco for some other kind of catfish.

    He is attacking my Bichir and Im not about to let him hurt my new 40$ fish

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    Pleco's attack?!!

    Very nice looking fish, i was reading up about them and it said they could get to be 17 inches long!
    I only have a 30 gal now, I gotta start saving up some cash :)

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    Very cool. I am going to redo my 20 gallon. I still do not know what I am going to get.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MsAcer View Post
    Pleco's attack?!!

    Very nice looking fish, i was reading up about them and it said they could get to be 17 inches long!
    I only have a 30 gal now, I gotta start saving up some cash :)
    Yea usually when they get bigger they get very territorial, he is only about 3 inches or so and he was just rushing my new baby and chasing her all ove with his fins all sticking up.

    So I took him out and rearranged the whole tank and made A BUNCH more hiding spots and so far they are getting along. If he starts acting up again he is going in and getting traded at the fish shop.
    I dont want to but, I cant have him acting like a fool.

  14. Rearranging stuff was an excellent move. The pleco was deffending "his" territory. the territory is no longer "his". Hopefully this solves your problem. :)

    I don't think a pleco is capable of actually injuring another fish...they can't "bite" after all..but the stress of being chased is no good. lol

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    It didnt help.. :(
    After he calmed down he went right back after her, and he cant bite but he rams into her and chases her all over, and wont stop.

    He is currently in a bucket on the floor. Looks like he is gonna get traded for another pleco, or maybe I will just get a Raphael catfish who shouldnt have issues.

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    very cool! :)

    i used to have something very similar to that a long time ago. didn't realize how much of a predator it was and had it in a community tank it started eating my fish so i took it out of the community tank and put it in with my then african cichlids. it lasted like a month in there with them until one day it disappeared.
    i miss having tanks setup

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    He was just to aggressive, so I traded him for a different kind and color pleco. and my BF saw these fish called Green Serevum and was so in love with one that we bought that too lol
    So now he has his own little fish :D

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    Here is my BF fish "Akon aka Big eye"

    And Betty ate one of the platy today, she is very fat now lol

    And my new pleco just chillin upside down!

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    Very nice! I totally need to get new pictures of my tanks.

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    I need a new camera lol my stupid phone sucks..

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