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    bleeding while chewing on nylabone?

    Recently Dylan has started to bleed from his gums when he's chewing on his bones. It's a recent thing and I'm just wondering if this is normal or if something else is going on?

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    More than likely, it's just because his gums are tender. Does he still have any puppy teeth? Mollie's gums used to bleed when she was younger, but as she has gotten older, they rarely bleed.... but every now and then, they do. :)

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    My dogs bleed sometimes when chewing on nylabones. It's just added flavor. lol

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    eh, i think that is normal with nylabones. it happens from time to time here when it happens we take away the bone rinse it off and give it back the next day. the way we see it is chewing on something with rough edges might nick gums and give a cut but nothing serious unless you are seeing a lot of blood then i would discontinue allowing nylabone play. the 3 dogs around here have at one time or another had a little blood on a nylabone.

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    I think its common, age has a lot to do with it I think

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    A lot of dogs have this problem with Nylabones. My parents Lab can't chew on them at all because he pretty much immediately starts bleeding. He can chew on natural bones though. My friend Am. Bulldog is the same way.. any time she comes to my house to play, I have to put up ALL of my bones so I don't have a bloody mess on the floor.

    I'm so happy none of my dogs have this issue. Not sure if it's because they've always chewed on Nylabones (since they were pups), or what, but none of them have ever bled!

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    That's good to hear that it's normal. I was kind of concerned for a bit.

    I don't think he has any puppy teeth, as his estimated age is about 2 to 2 and a half. He doesn't bleed a lot so, as long as it's minimal, I'll keep the Nylabones. He loves them and I'd hate to have to try and find a replacement chew, lol.

  8. Antlers are a better choice. Think about all the info now available on how plastic affects us, from water bottles to shrink wrap. Plastic ingestion is not healthy. While the plasitc is not broken down in the gut, toxins still can leach out into the dogs system. My pit bull had terrible bouts of IBD from the time I adopted her. Many mornings of puking up bile, fevers, bad bloody poops. All of it was attributed to her having immune system issues. Vets never did a scope. Lots of pred and antibiotics, trips to ER. Finally last summer, after six years of this on again off again stuff, she puked and puked and then puked up a big hunk of nylabone. Not something I ever gave her. It was encased in hairs and fibers and a fine patina of claylike substance. It was the knobby kind which is claimed to clean teeth. She has not ever had the opportunity to have this or find this. So it was in her gut for six years making her sick. Since she puked it up last summer she has not been sick. So I know this is something she had for all those years, since her original owner gave it to her probably. Who knows how many of her many immune system problems were caused by this foreign object. Antlers are better and won't cause bleeding.

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    wow never had that problem. sucks.

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