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    i am looking 4 some tight bred bullyson pups houston area.i have had tight double bred dogs in the i cant seem to find that same kind of stock.sixbits,turttle buster,whitssels eva.i do want to get back to breeding and learning more about the strength of these amazing first real dog was a male off of repps blackjack.wonderful dog to breed and to watch.these dogs are just perfect for what i like.

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    i am looking for bullyson dog texas

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    welcome to the forum....
    I will advise you that the buying and selling of dogs is not allowed on this forum. (nor are stud services)
    Most folks here will question your reason for breeding and will want to know what qualifies the dogs you plan to use to be breed...
    Good luck in finding any real quality dogs in the Houston area, it is full of back yard breeders and almost no breeder who know what they are doing or have dogs worthy of being breed...
    most folks in the Houston area think that a dog is something special for being purple ribbon, not knowing that only means the dogs line has been registered for 3 generations, thanking the owners for continuing to pay the fee.... or they think if the dog had a champion back in its lineage somewhere that qualifies the dog...
    a dog is only worthy of breeding when it has proven itself, when it is a champion at something, when it has been health tested...
    oh, well, since you were a breeder before, you already know these things...

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