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  1. Exclamation My pitbull is Shedding very bad!

    I know they shed every season but this is all year around and so much that i have to vacume 2-3 times a day.....My husband want to get rid of her but I wont allow it...shes my baby but with our kids its becoming too much...need help any advice

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    try a better dog food.

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    ... and take her to the vet, for a check-up. Excessive shedding can have a number of causes, and your vet should be able to guide you to a 'less hairy' dog :)

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    A good quality dog food helps, but Rosette sheds ridiculously sometimes. get
    Zoom Groom brush (sold at petsmart for around 8-9$. these are awesome, you can brush as long as you want because its a rubber brush instead of wire, feels great to the dog and pulls out tons of hair. Also you might want to consider a Furminator treatment at Petsmarts grooming, (or you can call around other groom shops, im sure everyone has their own de-shed treatment) which, done correctly reduces shedding a ton, at least for a little while, by getting out all the shedding hair at one time in the bathing proces then getting brushed out real well. It worked amazingly well on Rosette, did it a few weeks ago and she still isnt shedding. it should cost around 40$ and includes nails & ears :)
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    Upgrade food, get a Zoom Groom, and try a fish oil capsule in the food.

  6. Shedding has become an issue for us too, . Tessa was on science diet in November when she came from the pound, which I know is expensive junk. We switched her to Nutro something (need to look for receipt) no complaints except her bm's were soft, then my hubby bought Nutro Max about a week after we moved to a new house (poor baby's been through a lot since we got her) and her bm's became firmer--yeah-- but she's shedding terribly & it's not stopping actually seems to be getting worse. Any thoughts/suggestions???

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    To the OP, what brand of kibble are you feeding? Check the health section for the stickys on "what we feed", it has the top rated kibble. Great advice in this thread, I agree with adding some fish oil, getting a rubber curry brush, and also a vet check to make sure there are no health issues going on. When I adopted Bella, she had hair loss and bad itchies, I put her on Taste of the Wild Bison formula, but the itchies continued. One of the members here (Patch 'O Pits) suggested I switch her to the Pacific Stream formula, which is chicken free. Even though TOTW is a grain free kibble, the Bison formula has grain fed chicken in it. Since then, I've heard a lot of people who have dogs that have had problems with chicken based kibble. A month after switching Bella to the Pacific Stream formula, Bella's itchies were gone and her hair started growing back in. Now her coat looks awesome and no itchies! :) Let us know what you find out.

  8. im having a shedding problem also i dont thing its the food i feed bodie evo that is a good food i dont know why he sheds so much

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