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Thread: Our Tank

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    Our Tank

    This is our freshwater Cichlid tank... it is 250 gallons

    blood parrot cichlids

    avocado puffer

    cat fish

    electric yellow

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    Love the parrots!

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    They are by far my favorite, my boys think they are ugly. The biggest male is as big as my hand now he was no bigger than a $.50 piece when I got him. He is now a good 7in in diameter

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    Very nice

  6. beautiful, I love the puffer

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    Ohhh, pretty!!! I would love to have a big tank like yours!

    The puffer fish is my favorite. :)

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    he is pretty cool, he irritates my husband though because the softer bubble hoses are his favorite to chew on so now we have to use hard plastic and those don't bend. He has a hard snaggle tooth on the top and one on the bottom so he can be quite destructive. lol

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    Nice tank!omg those damn eletric yellows used to infest my tank.They multiply like hamsters

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    Sadly we had a major tank malfunction this summer and we lost about 8 cichlids. Most of them were my favorite and the electric yellow was one of them. She was the last electric yellow we had and pretty good size too....

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