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    Exclamation Need a good slogan!

    I'm crossposting this from another forum. A friend and non-pit bull owner is going to do her part is speaking out against B.S.L. :)

    This coming Friday, Sawyer and I are going to be taking part of a peaceful demonstration at the Denver City/County Building in protest of the asinine BSL laws that have been in place for over 21 years. One of the guys from "Pit Boss" is going to be there as well.

    So...I need a good slogan or two for my placard. The event is going to garner at least some media attention and I'd like something a bit more catchy and thought-provoking than "Blame the deed, not the breed."

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    Totally off the cuff here, but how about:

    "Justice and Liberty For All - Including the American Pit Bull Terrier"

  3. Pit Bulls: often misguided, forever misunderstood.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Payton19 View Post
    Pit Bulls: often misguided, forever misunderstood.
    How creative, so you just typed in 'pitbull slogan' on google and picked the first one you could find:D

  5. Quote Originally Posted by DutchGame View Post
    How creative, so you just typed in 'pitbull slogan' on google and picked the first one you could find:D
    haha, you got it I read some other ones too, but I liked that one best. I'm not too creative, so google is my best friend lol

  6. How about this?


  7. That's what we need a carnival of midgets

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boogieman View Post
    That's what we need a carnival of midgets
    Little people. :D

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    "Educate, don't legislate."

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    I love Zoe's, I was thinking something about "looks arn't everything" but don't know what else to put, or something about the right to own property

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    I was just browsing a Jeffers catalog and they have a cute shirt in there... "Keep Your Laws off My Paws"

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    I like this one........... ''What if it was YOUR dog?''

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