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  1. Nibble Greetings

    My 7 month old pup has developed this "nibbling" greeting. When people pet her, she licks their hand (kindly) and then ends by nibbling. I really don't think she means any harm by it, but I'm not really sure what it is? If she does it to my boyfriend and I, we correct her immediately. But with visitors, I'm not sure how to train the behavior out of her. She licks my two year old niece and nibbled once. Now my niece is scared (well, not scared.. just not very fond) of her. Rather than saying her name, my niece now refers to the puppy as "Gia-bad-doggie."

    Any advice on how to fix this when visitors come over?

    Just for the record--this isn't, by any means, a hard bite. She has never even come close to that.

    Thanks :)

  2. It is typical puppy behaviour. She needs to be taught not to nibble.

    I would try to teach her how to greet people instead. Develop a routine, e.g.:

    Have the dog sit or lie down.
    Give a cue to greet. Greet for 3 to 5 secs.
    After greet finishes, treat.

    You can do this as a game, as soon as he nibbles, end the game. You can reward with a game of tug also. I would do this everytime we are playing tug or fetch.

  3. If by "nibbling" you mean that thing they do where they almost seem to be chattering their teeth against your skin as opposed to putting part of you in their mouth and chewing lightly...

    That's what we call "fleaing". It's what dogs do to themselves and each other to gently scratch the skin and pick out fleas. It's a grooming technique.

    Some dogs can get obsessive about it...though it is not a sign of aggression in any way...when they mess up and accidently pinch you it HURTS lol.

    If you choose to try to get rif of this behaviour..don't scold or punish her, because it is a sign of affection, just walk away from her when she does it...every time. Eventually she'll relize that if she wants attention...she can't do that.

    As an friend's pit was "fleaing" her chiweenie the other looked like she was eating corn on the cob. lol

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    My Am Bulldog, Sissy will give you front teeth pinchs if she gets too revved up. So we just don't get her overly excited. My friend will come over and gets all gushy and huggy and in the dogs face. We have warned her lots of times but she got a pinch on the chin yesterday for her stupidness. I told her next time I'm gonna give a hard correction for not listening (the human) :(

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