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    Wanna See Blurry Pics of My Aquarium?

    AnnieC's thread inspired me to attempt to take some photos of my aquarium but they all came out blurry.
    Is there some trick to getting good pictures of an aquarium or do I just have a junky camera? My guess would be that it's the latter!

    Anyway, here's my tank. It's a 55 gal. with 5 platties, 7 neon tetras, 3 cory cats and one mystery snail.

    I bought it used and it came with the black gravel (which I didn't care for too much at first) and one of those backgrounds with a printed underwater scene on one side and just solid black on the other. First I used the underwater scene, but one day decided to flip it over and use the black and I liked it so much better. The black background really makes everything stand out. Plus, I now like the black gravel with black background.

    Neon Tetras


    Speedy, the snail

    And here's one more blurry picture of my betta in his 5 gal. tank...

    Some day if I ever have more room, I would like to get a larger tank and just keep angelfish in it.

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    Oh very pretty!! I'm jealous, everyone has nice tanks.

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    Very nice! I need to get a big tank for little tropical fish. Right now, the only tank I have little fish is my 20 gallon.

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    very nice, I like speedy!

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    very nice

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