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    Some photos of my aquarium

    Hey, thought I would share, as I know there are other fish enthusiasts on here that may enjoy. Right now, this is a 37 gallon tank set up. We are letting the fish grow in here for a bit. We plan on getting a 125 here in the semi-near future to move them into. Right now, there are 5 Australian Rainbowfish, 5 Clown Loaches, 6 ghost shrimp, 1 Chinese Algae Eater, 1 Lambchop rasbora, and 1 black neon (we had more, but my husband forgot to add the water conditioner, I'm sure some of you remember the thread, and have decided to start with the Rainbows and CL's and get them ready to put into a larger tank)

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    Very nice!

  3. gorgeous!!

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    Very pretty! I love aquariums and enjoy mine so much.

    (I have that same 'driftwood' decoration, although I removed it recently when I "redecorated".) :)

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    Oh cool! I'd love to have a big aquarium someday even a saltwater aquarium.

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    Beautiful tank set up!
    We're hoping to get another Lion fish in our tank.

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    Thanks! I can't wait to get a 125 and show of what that looks like, lol ;P

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