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You could always send the dogs after them. Or you could borrow Sasha. She like to kill herself a rat. lol

In all seriousness Is there any specific area that you could put out rat poison that you know that your dogs absolutely can't get to? Or perhaps have someone who can take the dogs for a few days while you get rid of the rats?

Sorry I don't have any better suggestions
The thing is, I've never seen the rats. I'm pretty sure they only come out in the yard late at night. So it's not like I could just send the dogs after them.. plus, I have a feeling that they wouldn't do much good. We had baby birds in our yard this spring (fell out of the nest), and Piper could've cared less, Wilson showed a bit more interest, but not much.

It's not them eating the actual poison that I'm concerned about, that was put in a big, durable bait box that I know they couldn't get into. It's if they were to eat a rat that had eaten the poison that I'm concerned about.

Exterminator is coming Monday to put out regular old snap traps. Hopefully they work!