Last time I posted about my frogs I decided to do so in the amphibians section. The more I think about it though, I figure that while they are technically amphibians, they are aquatic and therefore kept in home aquariums, which leads me to wonder where ADF and other such frogs belong.

Anyways, thought I would share some photos.

I've set up a new tank since I last posted, a 30 gallon with gravel and live plants as opposed to the more artificial set up that I had. (See my post in the amphibian section)

Anyways here are some photos of the new tank, frogs, fish, etc. :)

Jamally, the adult female. The most human-friendly/social of the bunch.

Phantom, the Betta Splendens. (Fighting Fish)

Phantom and Jamally

One of Markus & Jamallys' tadpoles.

Baby frog compared to adult frog

The new tank

ADF are so cool, IMO. I even made a little website about them. :o

Thanks for looking! :D