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    The Different American Bully Cl$#@!

    Since many people ask what cl$#@! their American Bully belongs in, I decided it would be a good idea to add a thread explaining all of them, for everyones conviencence.
    This should keep people from having to post threads asking their dogs cl$#@!.


    Males - 17 to 20 inches at withers
    Female - 16 to 19 inches at withers


    Males - Under 17 inches at withers
    Females - Under 16 inches at withers


    Males - Over 20 inches at the withers
    Females - Over 19 inches at the withers


    The Extreme cl$#@! dog is determined by its body structure and build.
    Both sex dogs with heavier body frames and more overall body m$#@!.


    The Classic cl$#@! dog is determined by its body structure and build.
    Both sex dogs with lighter body frames and less overall body m$#@!.
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    So can you have an extreme standard for example? If it fits the standard cl$#@! by height and the extreme cl$#@! by build/structure?

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    Honestly, I have no idea!

    I would say it would just be considered Extreme, since it did have more body m$#@!.

    The info just says heavier body frame dogs, and nothing about height, so I'm guessing it could be any height to be considered JUST Extreme.

    But, I could be totally wrong..
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    See that's what confuses me One dog could fit into two different cl$#@! the way they have it set up.

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    This highlights the problems with the cl$#@! and standards.There is too much gray area and potential for overlap into different cl$#@!.

    My dog technically fits into the XL cl$#@! because of height,but would not fare well due to his light frame.Which would make him a candidate for the classic cl$#@!...

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    Yeah, it confuses me too!

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    No, there cannot be an extreme standard, or extreme classic.
    Extreme is any height, with the overly body m$#@!.
    Classic is what gets me, and is now so confusing. Those pictures do not look what a classic SHOULD, or originally did. The classic was like Dozer, and PH's dogs. Now they are saying classic is closer to Cleo. UGH!
    ABKC, is really starting to annoy me!

  8. My boy is 21 at the withers but doesnt quite have the m$#@! that picture of the XL does. So maybe he would be Classic? lol
    Maybe he will fill out more later.

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    Heavy, from the pics I have seen your boy SHOULD BE a standard. But with the change, I am thinking he would in fact be a classic, but you would probably have to make him lose a pound or two.
    Oh, and I am NOT saying anything bad about Cleo PP. Just stating from the pics and her extra weight, adding to her "frame" she is LOOKS much bigger than Dozer now.

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    Yeah, she is 65lbs now..
    Isn't Dozer like 55lbs?

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    She's also 19.5 inches.
    She is a big girl..

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    I'm so confused So even if you have a bully who is 20" but is extreme in build it would just be an extreme and not an XL? It doesn't make sense to me...

  12. This is what you get when there really is NO standard. Just make up cl$#@! to fit the dogs. Not have the dogs fit a standard :(

    One of the biggest problems in bully breeding IMO.

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    The big confusion IMO comes from the classifications. In all other breeds that have size categories ...ranging from standard or giant... the only difference is size. The overall proportions (just like in the APBT world) are judged the same in all categories.

    With the AmBully... the dogs do not have similiar proportions when it comes to build. They look so different in build and stgructure, they seem like different breeds...just sayin'

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    So Kratos is currently 21" tall and about 95 pounds so does that make him an XL lol.

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    The Classic American Bully is a dog that is lighter in bone. I have seen 16" classic females and up to 22" classic males that have all placed. These dogs also range from the UKC-style dogs such as old Gaff and Knowlwoods, to bullier styles such as Razors Edge w/close Gaff and Greyline.
    Here is the dog I show, Lilow. She is almost to her CH in ABKC, and she is a Classic. She is 17.5" at the withers (about as tall as MJ) and weighs about 65-70lbs. Pictures really don't do her justice. This is Murphy's mother.

  16. So do they frown on a dog in nice condition in the classic cl$#@! LOL These are only in decent condition. I've had him much more ripped for some ADBA shows :)

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    They don't want them conditioned down to more than 2 ribs visible, typically. They prefer them with a little more bulk. Of course, some judges would DEFINATELY place that dog as a classic.
    He is awesome, by the way!

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    Basically its like this putting your dog in the RIGHT cl$#@! is up to you. From what I understand ANY dog can be shown in the standard cl$#@! (they are as pups all in the standard cl$#@!). Does that mean it should be shown Hence the ferris wheel of choices. To answer just a few questions yes DK you could show Kratos as an xl if he is 21" and depending on the judge he COULD clean up in that cl$#@! or he could show as a standard. Mstngchic if you had a dog 20" and extreme you would go extreme, if it was over 20" (and I think thats what you meant) YOU would choose which cl$#@! to put it in extreme or xl. Judges will let you know if you're way off base in your selection and you should too after attending a show and seeing whats out there. If you have a dog thats inbetween cl$#@! like some are saying about Cleo it might change from show to show, judge to judge, just depends. Bottom line is its up to you to get it in the right cl$#@!, they got one for everything. Bluestark the classic picture on the ABKC website needs to change, I agree. But classics are still classics at the shows I've been to. To people that have never been to a bully show, I'm sorry I know thats confusing as hell. I didn't make the rules BELIEVE me!! Getting out there is the key, you'll never understand it from behind a keyboard. That being said get out there and show off your bullies!!! I hope to meet some of you around the circuit this year!

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    Great idea for a post Pink!

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    So does this mean that it is impossible to breed a dog that does not fit a standard. If it is short you can call him pocket,if he is deformed just say he is extreme and that is what you intended breeding from the start.

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    Jim I hate to say it but that is one way to look at it. These cl$#@! were "invented" to try and cater to everyone and anything. I hate it myself. I've seen good examples of pockets and xls, not many mind you. But nothing good is ever going to come from the extreme cl$#@!, I wish they'd do away with it completely. I will never own anything but a classic, thats my type of dog. It bothers me that my dogs get lumped in with these others. Now I sound like I own apbt's lol.

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