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    Looking for A Good Tie-Out

    I'm looking for a good tie-out that will work well for my 50 pound puppy. I've been looking at the PetSmart website, but all the reviews seem to suck for the ones they sell.

    Any ideas?? I'd like a aerial tie, but a stake would work too....might be best.

    When we're out with him, he can stay off leash and won't run away, but I'd like something where he can stay outside while we're home and he doesn't have to stay just out on the deck, but in the backyard so he can do run and ZOOM!


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    These works for our dogs, but we usually change the Clamps....
    Tie-Out Chain; Extra Heavy Duty Type; 15 ft Size

    This has worked well for Tess, and she hits the chain with a lot of force...
    Tie Out Stake; Dome Type; 24 in x 13 mm Size; Steel Material; For Dogs

  3. If you print the photo(s) below and take them to Lowe's, Home Depot or any hardware store, they will be able to fix you up.

    It is 1 1/4 pipe and flanges are screwed together. There is a five or six foot lenght of pipe in the ground below the "bolt" that you see in the picture.

    A car axle buried in the ground such as in Marty's pics is the way to go, I just wanted something more pleasing to the eye IMO in my backyard that would work just as well. Turns out that an axle would have been fine and a lot cheaper too.

    The pic below is to give an idea of the relative size:

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    Wow, that does look nice! Thank you so much...I'll take pics of mine once we get it all set up.

    Thank you!:D

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    Buried axles are the best way. bent ones are cheap from the junkyard. The benifit is nothing protrudes above ground for the chain to wrap around.

    I would avoid quick links , or links that screw on/ tight. Permanent links squeezed together are more secure and remove the possibility of unscrewing loose.

    That shows you the grade of chains , so you know how to select the best one. A two collar set up is best. One permanantly attached & one removable ( stays on dog ) , but secured to the chain as well.

    Good luck Spliff!

    Where in NY are you from?

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    awesome, awesome, awesome. I've been looking for the proper equipment to use to actually stake it into the ground.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoeBingo View Post

    You got this at home depot? I'll have to check that out.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by CoolHandJean View Post
    You got this at home depot? I'll have to check that out.
    I got each piece at home depot and put it together. You would come out way cheaper and maybe better if you just use an axle :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by CoolHandJean View Post
    You got this at home depot? I'll have to check that out.
    Just dig a hole about 18In - 2ft down , & "THEN" pound it into the ground. Run the chain up 2ft & then bury the post , with only "THE CHAIN" sticking above ground.

    This would "TOTALLY" eliminate the possibility of a limp chain wrapping around the stake. It is designed for a taught / tight Chain to swivel , not a lose chain to wrap around. Burying & removing possible hang ups , is a good way to stay tangle free.

  10. Right now we use rebar with a clamp on top, for all the dogs, except Tess. Tess has the tie-out stake, that I posted above. I'll have to take a picture...But I thought maybe in the future, but since we get rebar for free, I guess we should stick with it. lol.

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