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    Pics with Natural Ears?

    Hey guys, I just wanna see some pics of bullies with natural ears.
    Whenever I'm ready for another dog, I'm thinking about getting a female AmBully (since my other is a male, and I've heard boys and girls get along better. And my boy loooooves the womens, not so much other guys.)

    Pictures, please?

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    No problem. And good strategy with the doggy match up. Dogs of the opposite sex will almost always get along with few problems while homes with same sex dogs almost always have problems and a constand battle for order. I'm parshal to cropped ears myself, I feel it adds to the noble character of the American Bully. Here's a few of my dogs (Both rescued and kennel dogs) with natural ears.

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    Here is our male AmBully. I personally LOVE his ears! Our APBT has longer ears that look a little houndish.

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    My boy is almost 8 months old (in 1st pic, 7 months in 2nd) and still has natural ears.

    His mother, who is very close to her ABKC CH, has natural ears as well:

    (see that little one right ^^^^ there near her leg? that's day old Murphinator!)

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    Thanks so much guys! All of y'alls bullies are gorgeous of course :)

    I like natural ears better purely for the nuzzling and cuddling factors, I bury my face in Morrison's ears all the time and play with them, they're sooo soft~

    Darkknight: Is that NUUUUDITYYYYY I see in one of those pics? SCANDAL! :D

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    Haha...I should send tharr to "Bitches Unlimited " :)

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    I think natural ears show a lot of facial expression.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkKnight View Post
    Haha...I should send tharr to "Bitches Unlimited " :)

    Quote Originally Posted by Kamdon View Post
    I think natural ears show a lot of facial expression.
    Yours are adorable! Especially that first pic, with the puppy's flop-o ears!

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  11. Eva....

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    Here's Soldier when he was 5 months old. His right ear was injured prior to 6 weeks old when we got him so it just stands up now! I think it adds character!!

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