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    Custom fleece and flannel dog coats.

    Just thought I'd give a heads up that I'm offering these, since so many people have asked in my picture threads

    Custom sized fleece dog coats, with or without a flannel 'topper'. The flannel adds an extra layer of warmth :)

    Some examples of coats I've made:

    Same coats on the dogs they were made for...

    Gypsy modeling her long sleeved fleece.

    Fleece with flannel topper...

    All coats are made with double layer heavy fleece, and stitched heavily and lovingly ( ) for strength and durability.

    Each coat is custom sized to each individual dog, to ensure a good, proper fit.

    Coats can come in a couple of different styles, examples of each shown above.

    Long sleeved

    Flannel topper

    And I can also add a hood (I can't find the pictures I have of the one witha hood!)

    I have many, many different colors of fleece and flannel to choose from, just ask and if I don't have it, I can get it.

    Prices vary by the size of the dog. For a dog roughly Gypsy's size (around 60lbs) for a regular coat with double layer fleece and short sleeves, it will be $32 plus shipping.

    For a dog around 45lbs, it is $27 plus shipping.

    The price will change for any larger or smaller sizing.

    Each coat order comes with a free fleece tug toy with matching colors ;)

    I always ship priority, and for single coat orders the price starts at $6. International shipping available too :)

    If you have any questions, please ask!
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    I'm not really a person to put coats on dogs and the weather here is never really bad but they do look really good. Most of the things you see look very impractical and as if they were not made for dogs. Those look good,practical and they fit the dog comfortably.

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    Thank you, Jim!

    My dogs are lilly livered pansy faces, so they love their coats and desperately need them for any weather colder than 40 degrees!

    The coat Gypsy is wearing in this thread is over a year old and still in great shape. Its been worn in some pretty rough and tumble situations and all of the stains have washed right out!

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    Just finished putting up a temp Etsy store. I'll pretty it up more once I get my tablet fixed, and get more pictures from customers! :)

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    They look fabulous!

    A question though, is it a zipper I see hanging that does up the middle, or velcro?

    We use winter jackets here almost everyday in the winter if we're out for more than hour, otherwise Hades freezes and I've found velcro doesn't handle Hades rough, wear and tear mentality. They usually fall off.

    Maybe after the Christmas buzz and debt is paid off I'll have to order a few from you! My mom's had a heck of a time finding something to fit her boxer/rottweiler rescue.

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    Zippers! I completely, totally prefer zippers, and all of the ones in these pictures have zippers. I hate velcro. It wears out, and it picks up all sorts of crud, like dirt, fur, sticks, whatever. The zippers I use are heavy jacket zippers, and they lock in place once zipped up so they stay zipped!

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    Ontario, Canada.. eh!
    Fantastic! Could you PM me the information (which measurements) needed to place an order. Also is it done via PayPal?

    As I said, I'll have to wait for about a month until my Christmas debt is paid off, but I'll definitely order at least one come the New Year.

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    That's perfect! Paypal is my favorite payment method, but I do take money orders too.

    Pm'ing you now :)

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    That long sleeved fleece one, can you make that in Beagle size with a hoodie and a back pocket to put stuff in? My dad's Beagle, Amber, won't go potty in the winter snow without a coat on, but they haven't found one good enough in her size that is long sleeved!

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    I surely can! I'll just need measurments off the dog :)

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    Do you think you'd be able to stitch a long-sleeve coat in blue & grey fleece?

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    Yes, I can. I actually have a pale, normal-human-sweater type of grey color. What kind of blue were you thinking? I currently have light blue, dark blue, and teal.

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    Do you think when you get a chance you could get a picture of the two light & dark blue fabrics? I'd want the top/legs to be blue (where Gypsy's is green) and the underbelly to be grey (where Gypsy's is brown).

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    Yeah I can snap a picture of them in the morning. My batteries are dead, otherwise I'd get them for you right now, lol.

    I think I also have a robbins egg type of blue, too. I seem to remember picking up a couple yards of that color.

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    I'm going to have fun trying to get star to wear it

  16. I will be ordering in about 2 or 3 weeks! I can't wait!!!

    Are you doing a special pit bull chat forum discount or multiple coat discount?

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    I really like this one, I wish my puppy was full grown! I want to get her so many things, but she grows so fast at this point... I somehow manage to talk myself out of it... maybe if you're still making them next winter :p

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    I do discount for 4+ coat orders. After things pick up a little, I will be having contests often, should be fun!

    Ilovemyapbt, I imagine I will be, lol! I understand your pain, puppies grow so fast it would really be a waste of money to order a custom coat until she is full grown, since she will have outgrown the coat within a couple months, lol.

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    Hey guys!

    Just wanted to bump this up and let you know that I finally got pictures of the fleece and flannel options up!/pages/K9-Cas ... 8724244379

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    I will definitely be getting one once Rigby is all grown up!!

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