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  1. Good, Safe, Indestructible dog Toys?

    For the love of all that is holy......

    Bought the red one today, the black one (which is hard to see) was purchased yesterday.

    He tore up the red one "an EXTREME, good for -very heavy chewers-" in roughly 10mins, even with me pulling it from his mouth and trying to stop him from tearing it up.

    He tore up the black one, a Kong treat toy for powerful chewers, in roughly 15 mins.

    Is there ANY toy out there that is good for an almost year old, very powerful chewer?

    I found:
    the Unbreakaball
    Unbreakoball the toughest most durable dog ball.

    on google. There was a link to pitbull-chat talking about it, and it seems a dog's teeth can get lodged in it (saw a few other complaints about this) so I'm hesitant about that product.

    I also found a couple Planet Dog toys that look promising, but I'm skeptical they'll hold up. Buy the Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff® Orbee Ball - Earth ball - Globe Ball - 5 out of 5 Chompers

    Is there any toy that you guys would recommend? I'm so annoyed with spending money on stuff that gets torn up in less than 20mins, but I'm also sad that he doesn't have a toy he can really enjoy. I appreciate any advice!

    Here's a photo of the brat who tears everything up, lol

  2. #2 ALL THE WAY. They garauntee their products, and they are very tough.

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    My dogs have orbee balls and if left to it, they could destroy them. I only allow them supervised play/fetch with the orbees.

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    Beef knuckles. I still have some floating around from 2 years ago. Usually by the time the dogs crack them open for marrow, the ferrets steal them or they're eaten by the house.

    Galileo nylabones have always lasted a long time around here too. Caution, they're ungodly heavy so watch your feet. Dogs love to drop them on feet.

  4. Forgot to add the picture of the chewed up toys, lol.

    Thank you for the link Libby, will check it out now. I really wanted to get him a few good toys for Christmas, have failed, so a good -tough- toy a few days late sounds just fine to me!

    I've tried nylabones, he doesn't seem to be a fan, beef knuckles I have not tried, I'll give those a shot!

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    Oh yeah, I have a 6 inch unbreakoball, and I have the problem with the dogs getting their canines stuck in the holes. The larger size ball, which I think is ten inches, might be better.

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