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    Do dogs get age spots?

    I was laying on the floor with Gypsy and was scratching her belly when I noticed this dark, blotchy patch of skin on her belly. It isn't raised, it isn't dirt (I tried washing it off lol) and it doesn't seem to bother her. Its like a brownish gray color.

    I took a picture, I'm trying to upload now but I don't think my net connection is being very happy.

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    Pigmentation can get darker and more can appear. Don't know if thats the sort of thing you are talking about but at least you are sure it's not dirt.

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    She's got dark spots on her belly where the fur would be brown/brindle if it wasn't bald, but they are more of a pinkish brown. This spot just looks strange.

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    Ok, heres the picture.

  4. It may be misleading in the photo, but I would have this looked at. If you think it is odd it may be. Best to follow your instinct.

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    I would think the same rule applies to dogs as it would to people: sudden birth marks or spots appearing on the skin is something to get checked out. I know people can develop aging spots but I also think that these are generally a warning skin and can easily lead to skin cancer.

    What Causes Age Spots?

    I'd have it looked at, better safe than sorry.

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