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  1. Dog bite on the Leg

    I have a dog that got bit (by another dog) on the right leg right in the wrist joint last week on Monday. She got bit up on some other places but I took care of all them with a good washing and some Pen-G for 5 days. I also gave a dose of Dex that reduced almost all of the sweeling. I have been giving some Tramadol everyday to help. The day that it happened and the 3 days after she would walk on it but it seems to have got worse and now she wont even walk on it and she crys when I touch it or bend the joint a little. She did not do that a few days ago. Also have been putting DMSO on it and have it wrapped with Coban wrap. Is this par for the course for a bite or should I go to the vet? I think that I have done all that I can do or what a vet would do for the most part.

    This is my best hog catching dog so I hope to have her back in action as fast as I can without causing her harm....She is resting in the house being spoiled rotten by the Lady and the kids so she may just be milking it some.:rolleyes::)

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    Sounds like there is an infection and maybe some ligament damage. I would get her to the vet to have it checked out - might need to get xrays of it.

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    Go to the vet now.When we had pig dogs they would want to get in the truck and go again even though we had just sewn them up.whether they limped on 3 legs or had one eye.if your dogs has been catching pigs it probably has a very high pain could have a nasty infection in the joint,might be a tooth broke off in there.I don`t think shes milking it.

    When we hunted pigs i spent more money on vet bills making sure the dogs were right again then I did buying jewelry for the little women and she wasn`t cheap.

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    Definitely hope you've had that leg looked at by now. Mollie got bit on the leg a few months ago. It swelled some, but she only limped one or two days. By the end of the week, she was back to normal. Please let us know what you find out.

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    I agree, catch dogs are extremely durable and tough. Especially if this isn't her first rodeo. They know how to deal with pain, and get over it. If she is showing that much resistance to touch and any movement, I suggest you get some xrays. I'm $#@!uming a hog bit her, if so you and I both know how touch those little $#@!s can be, could have possible fractured bone as well! GOod luck@

  6. She is still limping some but got much better on that Wed and started to walk. Started her on an antiinflamitory and she took to it well. She is now still limping slightly with some running when she gets excited. I bet she will be back to new in about another 2 weeks. No she did not get bit by a hog she got into it with my other APBT while I was at work. They somehow got into the same kennel and just decided that day that a good fight was in order. They both had to be patched up but as always one got it worse than the other. One was almost as good as new in a week and she is going take a while longer. I hope to have her in the woods by the end of the month. Thanks for the advice.

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    Penicillin is not much good now. I'd get her on something stronger like augmentine or whatever name it goes by there if you haven't already. Also 5 days of antibiotics in most cases is pointless.

    Hope the dog recovers well.

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    I would still get her looked at by a vet especially if she is still limping she could have an infection going on. Are those kennels uncovered? Put them in seperate areas so this doesn't happen again.

  9. Got everything taken care of in the kennel left out a screw and that is how they got into the same box. Put two Lag screws into all boards so this cant happen again. All kennels have roofs on them that are made of 4x4 welded wire with sun shade over that. As for my dog she is about 85% now and is no longer limping unles she has been laying down for a good long while more than an hour. After about 45 secs she has to be held back so she does not over do it. letting her do some light walking and very little running in the yard.

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