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    Acana dog food

    Does any one here feed Acana feed ?I was told by the people that first introduced me to TOTW that Acana dog food was a better quality food.The meat and eggs are supposed to be fresher.The Acana is more expensive .They offered to give it to me for the same price as TOTW.

    If you feed Acana give me your thoughts.

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    I really considered feeding it but it simply was just out of my price range. I think a few members on here do feed it but I can't recall who. I wouldn't say the ingredients are fresher just higher quality.

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    Thats a sweet deal they are willing to give you!

    I feed the three Acana grain free varieties in a rotation right now. We're currently on Grasslands.

    I've seen fantastic results, especially with my foster dog who has a weird system and can't tolerate most kibbles or grains which has been fun to say the least. She's built better muscle and is much shinier.

    I'd like to change my personal dog to a combination of prey model raw and The Honest Kitchen though. She's getting really hard poops on the Acana. Whereas the foster dog finally has non-runny, normal poops on the Acana. Go figure.

    I tried the cat version of Prarie Harvest because its cheaper than Wellness Core and it seems to have made my cat shed less than usual and be super shiny. She doesn't like it as much though so we'll probably go back to Core.

    It if works well for your dog I say go for it!!

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    I also feed Acana Grasslands to my two mutts, and I love it. I think it is more expensive then the Acana Wild Prairie, but I have been very happy with it. I used Wild Prairie in the past, but I have been much happy with the results from the Grasslands cause I believe I have one with a little chicken sensitivity.

    The guy I get my dog food from also gives me a really good dealt so I can't complain.

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    Thanks for the replies.Reno my mail has skin issues and some kinda alergy thing that happens a couple times a year.TOTW made a big difference and I rotate the pacific streams prarie and wetlands.Wich of the ACANA foods do you think i should try.Right now hes about 10lbs over wieght since he was just on pred for his skin.

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    You could try any of the Acana grain free formulas. He doesn't have a chicken allergy does he?

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    I feed Acana Pacifica and it is literally the only kibble I've been able to feed without resulting in skin problems. I also feed raw with it and my dog does very very well on the mix.

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    real chicken no.That chinese chicken stuff that you get 3lbs at costco for $14.I used to give as treats or snacky and it didn`t give him the itchys just a little dandruff.i stopped useing that and use the beef circles or dry top round out for them when my friend with the cows slaughters every couple months.

    I think corn and some wheat products is what jacks him up.

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    I would just say go for any of the grain free formulas.

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    If he has issues then I personally would go with a grain-free "novel" ingredient based food. So like the Acana Grasslands or Pacifica...I have Angel, my allergy queen, on California Natural Lamb and Rice (they also have a Salmon and Sweet Potato that I hear good things about) and she looks and acts better then she ever has in her 6 years of life! It is a Limited Ingredient food and is much less expensive then Acana.
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    "I feed Acana Pacifica and"it is literally the only kibble I've been able to feed without resulting in skin problems."

    Ditto. Corky came to us as a foster with nasty skin problems. Our experiments with foods did nothing to improve his skin and many foods gave him the runs, too. Acana Pacifica is the only food -- of five or six -- that we've tried that his stomach tolerates and that keeps his skin clear. His coat has become sooooooo shiny, too! The downside is his breath and farts stink like a dirty fish tank.

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