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Thread: Skin issues??

  1. Skin issues??

    My amstaff is one & started developing skin problems after I first got him when he was about 10 wks. He was ok for a bit but then got a skin infection the vet $#@!umed was from his swimming adventure in cedar water. He was put on antibiotics & shampoo/lotion that worked wonders.. the first time. Then he went off the meds & shortly the problem came back. He gets what looks like red bumps that kind of puff up & spread on his underbelly/groin area & then starts developing spots on his fur shortly after, almost like bumps that instantly scab & eventually starts balding on these spots. They're typically on his sides, hind legs & a few down his back. He RARELY scratches or licks at them.. but I do notice he scratches more when not on the antibiotics. The vet seems clueless. I have fed him grain free food from the time I got him - canidae. I am switching to TOTW grain free after reading about blue line allergies. (He is a blue fawn amstaff from york bloodline). I recently tried giving him cod liver oil with his food but now has developed a sore in his paw. This sore is the first sign of a 'food allergy' from what I've read. I'm stopping the cod liver oil. If this food doesn't work I may try raw diet.. but I was advised against that. Does anybody have dietary suggestions.. vitamin/supplement suggestions? Or any clue what this could be?!!? I have read some on color mutant alopecia/blue doberman syndrome. I'm worried cause it says it's incurable & that the infections have to be treated - but didn't find any treatment tips! I feel CLUELESS & HELPLESS & so bad for my boy. This is boggling because like I said he's really not itchy. If anybody has any input it'd really help. Thank you!!

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    Although it hasn't been proven, there is a lot of anecdotal evidence that dilute dogs ("blue" -- and it's not a line, just a color!) do have more skin issues overall. BUT, all colors in Stafs do have skin problems.

    In my opinion, the pup should not have been put on antibiotics the first time it came down with the bumps. This is most likely a Staph infection -- so common in the breed. Very often, in my experience, if you let the pup fight this off on his own, it doesn't come back. The immune system learns to recognize the infection and fight it off. Antibiotics just "short-circuit" the process.

    At this point, I would say, keep him off the antibiotics for a while and see what happens; and use a medicated shampoo about every two weeks. Your diet sounds fine and I don't think that is the problem.

    That all being said, there ARE individuals that have severe Staph problems all their lives and do need to be on some kind of antibiotic therapy. But yours does not sound that bad right now. Can you get a picture?


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    You might try TOTW Wetlands (not High Prairie, although that food is great, this person tried it and did not help... only the Wetlands did), Supplemented with Fish Oil (not cod liver oil).

    That's the combo that worked for a dog I know with pretty severe mange. The owner spent a lot of time and effort trying different quality foods. The dogs skin/coat looks great now. Although, of course every dog is different.

    I am going to switch my AST pup from Orijen Puppy to TOTW Wetlands soon, myself.

    Good luck.

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    Try some apple cider vingear, in his food.

    Great stuff!

  5. I know this is old but check for ants. My girl got into a ant bed and had the same symptoms.

  6. We are finally get answers for our dog. The itchy skin will eventually turn into a skin infection if not treated. It is good to wash them 2x a week with a medicated shampoo to moisturize the skin. Its almost like a doggy dandruff and eventually it will turn to sores. She has been on antibiotics to clear this up but eventually became immune to them and we wanted to know what is bringing on these allergies. We changed her food to just venison and sweet potatoes which i cooked daily for her. After a 2 month food trial we were able to by the dog food version. She was better for 2 months then her infection came back and we found out she became immune to the antibiotics and her skin infection has become stronger and now she is on a very strong drug to clear it up. lets hope we get rid of the infection and keep her diet venison and sweet potatoes and it keeps it under control.

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    To get in touch with Marina:

    ou may want to try a natural approach.
    I had a male with very similar systems and Marina really helped.
    I used her natural meds long with what the vets gave me and he was cleared up in a month and never had an issue again. But of course this could be a very different issue.

    Send her a detailed list of what is going on and what you have tired. along with food changes. Also sent pix of the skin issues and sores if you can.

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