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    No body understands this like somebody that has had to literally crawl out from underneath their dogs :rolleyes:

    I wish mine were content to just be touching me.... but they enjoy the king size bed, and I usually wake up either pinned underneath them, or hugging the edge of the bed. They also steal my covers and the pillow.... they have no shame!:rolleyes:

    Id be afraid to have two dogs, then there would be no thing such as a bed. hahah

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    :Dhaha, love the posts.. never thought id ever need such a big bed for just a little girl. o well, i'll eventually get use to it. she lays next to the window now and keeps my side warm..which is a bonus

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    This is too funny. Mini isn't supposed to be in bed, but being a princess she always gets her way. In fact, she has a system for successfully getting in bed. First she jumps on my boyfriend's (Mason) side of the bed. Then she wraps her self around his head, almost cat like. After a while, Mason gets too hot and lifts up the blankets and she wiggles down to sleep on my feet, then wedges her self inbetween my legs, and finally makes her way back the the pillow and lays all tucked in inbetween the two of us.

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    I have almost given up! Between the snoring (human and canine) the farting (human and canine) and the dogs pinning my legs and back I have decided to spend most nights on the couch or twin bed downstairs. This means either the pup or Rita will follow me and cuddle me there,too. But at least its quieter and not so smelly!

    It wouldn't be so bad if the hubby and I went to bed at the same time, but I usually stay up a couple hours later and that means the dogs get into bed, cuddle up and fall asleep before I get there. So, I slide in and make a space for myself, fall asleep and wake up to farting lumberjack's making chainsaw noises or numb, painful, body parts.

    I think the dogs will have to go back to sleeping in the crates. I was going to buy a king size, but the hubby pointed out that if we had a bigger bed the dogs would have more room to stretch out and we humans would be in the same situation we are now.

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    This is why i got a king sized bed,but alas it still fells like a twin.

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    I love all of these posts! Jackson has to sleep right inbetween me and Brian and usually it's his head under my neck and using my pillow. I haven't selpt next to my husband for months, I forgot what human skin next to me feels like!

    I personally love having him in bed and when he decided to lay his whole body across my neck (which is often) I just push him off and he curls up next to my husband.

    I think if you don't want your pup in bed, put her in the crate, she'll deal with it. When we left Jackson in the crate as a puppy and he would whine, we would snap our fingers and say "go to sleep" once or twice of that and he got he picture and went to bed.

    But serisouly, I'll never get any other kind of dog because I LOVE the cuddling!

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    Kratos lays down with my wife and I, before we go to sleep we send him to bed, wich is right next to our bed, but most of the time by morning he makes his way back on the bed. He will lay down by our feet.

  7. Part of the fun of having dogs is sleeping with them -- sometimes I wake up and Opie's nose is on my face and I can hear her gently snoring. :-)

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