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    Ruptured mammary gland (mastitis)

    Our nursing dog is suffering from mastitis. She is on antibiotics and pain medication, and we've begun weaning her four week old pups. However tonight, my sister noticed that the problem mammary gland has actually ruptured and is consistently oozing. There is a large purple bump next to it that looks like it is about to burst as well. And a smaller mark looks like it is developing into a bump too.

    We had been allowing her to feed several times a day prior to the rupture, but tonight we've halted all nursing. We don't want the puppies scratching her or getting the abscess even more infected. They eat weaning formula and moist food just fine, so we aren't worried about them. My sister emailed the veterinarian and showed her a picture, and the vet said to send her another picture in the morning and if it has got worse then to bring her in.

    Any tips on dealing with this? It is super gross, and looks incredibly painful but for the most part she is acting fine. We are doing our best to keep it clean and leaving warm compresses on it for a few minutes during cleaning. Will she be ok? I've read about some dogs having to endure surgery to remove whole mammary glands, and I really don't want it to get to that.

    These pictures (except the first one) are from a few minutes ago, and they do it no justice. This looks way worse in person.

    Last night before the rupture:

    The puppies have scratched and bit her to pieces. Most the redness is scabbing. She is very stoic.

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    I'd recommend taking her back into the vet.

    A few months ago an american bulldog came into the clinic with a ruptured mammary. Her's was MUCH worse than Momma's, because they had ignored it for a few days before they had it treated(and I mean ignored--they did nothing to it). She did end up having to have the entire mammary, plus the one next to it, removed.

    They may want to put her on more aggressive antibiotics, especially since it looks like she might rupture in another spot.

    Good luck!

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    She needs to be seen by a vet. Also, stop letting the pups nurse. They could be getting ill from the mastitis and you're not helping mom any by leaving them on her. Good luck, hope she makes a full recovery.

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    The pups haven't nursed from her since yesterday. But we were also afraid just pulling them cold turkey could make her symptoms worse on the mammary glands that were previously unaffected (being full and having no way to release the pressure).

    I wanted to take her last night, but the veterinarian said wait until morning. We'll likely make an appointment for her today. Also I was reading through old threads here and some have said a rupture can be a good thing?

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    I think the reference to rupture being a good thing might have something to do with relief of symptoms? Not really sure on that but no, it isn't a good thing in terms of her health, it needs to be treated and she is in a lot of pain so that needs to be addressed too. But do NOT give her any human pain relievers, they can make dogs very ill. Poor momma!

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    She has already been to the veterinarian's once, so yes she has dog-approved pain medications. We'd never consider giving her human pain relievers anyway. We are taking her today.

    I couldn't take it anymore. She was crying for her puppies and her remaining teats were FULL. I used an ace bandage to wrap/cover the ruptures and allowed the pups to feed, supervising of course. It went well. She needed to get rid of some of that milk.

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    Angel had a case of mastitis on her litter last year.... it blew out and we allowed it to drain completely. Then we kept it covered and did supervised feedings 1 or 2 pups at a time.

    Thanks to Cynthia and GaPits they both helped me through it... and I took a trip to my vet who was impressed with how well we handled it and how clean it was by us following Cynthia's advice. The vet said... well nothing I can tell you keep doing what you are doing.

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    ...Care to share some advice? lol

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    You can probably just PM Cynthia. I'm sure she'd be happy to help.

    Hope Momma gets better soon. Poor girl's been through a lot lately.

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    Poor Momma! Keep us updated...I'm sure thanks to you guys she will be fine. Just imagine if she hadn't found you!

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