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    Canine Papilloma Virus

    i was thinking about buying a pup the sire of the litter had viral papillomas when he was a pup can he p$#@! that on to the pups that he sired if so i wont be buying the pup

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    The papillomas themselves aren't what would worry me, instead I'd be concerned about his immune status as that IS a hereditary trait and papillomas can be an indicator of immuno-insufficiency. However if he was a pup then he probably just came in to contact with the virus while his immune system was still developing and the fact that he cleared them would indicate that he is healthy. He cannot p$#@! this on to his pups, and most viral infections are more likely to be passed on maternally rather than by the sire. If he does not have skin issues, problems with demodex, or food allergies, I'd $#@!ume he's a normal dog and you should not worry about taking a pup by him.

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    sweet thanx

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