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    Unhappy My pit is really itchy

    My 4 year old blue nose gets really itchy on her tummy and under her arm pits and back paws( I thinks she might be allergic to gr$#@!). She will sit and lick her back paws until they are really red and sometimes bleed, She doesn't eat cheap dog food and gets bathes every 2 weeks. Any suggestions as to what we can do to help her? Lotions? Food?
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    Allergies are really hard to determine. If you think she is allergic to gr$#@!, whip her paws off after she comes in. You can always take her to the vet and they can do allergy test. What are you feeding her? There could be just one ingredient in the food that can set the itches off also.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeoestreich View Post
    What are you feeding her? There could be just one ingredient in the food that can set the itches off also.
    And the cost of the food doesn't necessarily mean it's a good one.

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    Same with my dog- she's only 11 months so the allergist doesn't want to test her until after the winter. He said that dogs continue to develop more allergies until they're about 1 1/2 years old. Yours is way past that age so it doesn't hurt to have him tested. In the meantime, Benadryl, Benadryl, Benadryl! It was a lifesaver while we were waiting to see the vet allergist.

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    Quote Originally Posted by omgrobyn View Post
    And the cost of the food doesn't necessarily mean it's a good one.
    And even if it IS a good food, if she is allergic to one of the protein sources it doesn't matter how high quality you're feeding, it's going to make her react. The itching you're describing sounds like food allergies. What kind of food is she on now?

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    If you think it's a gr$#@! allergy.... use Bag Balm (for cow utters) on the belly. Our dogs love the smell of it and try to lick it.... and if your dog is that way, I would avoid putting it on her paws and just wash them off when she comes inside after being out.

    Dogs can have so many allergies it's incredible.
    Common food allergies can be red meats(beef, lamb, etc), meats that come from feathery animals(chicken, turkey, etc), dairy, corn, soy, wheat, grains, etc.
    Other common allergies can be gr$#@!, pollen, shampoos, laundry soap used on dogs bedding, etc. I also read that cedar can cause allergies.

    Usually with food allergies a dog will rub their face (usually around eyes, lips and chin)... some dogs even get what is called 'chin acne'.
    Gr$#@! allergies I tend to notice a red belly.
    Paws might be involved with gr$#@! allergies.... but I've always been confused with paw biting. I read once that dogs that get into $#@!ey food will bite at their paws because they sweat through the pads on their feet.
    Not 100% sure, just thought I'd share what I know. But for sure use the Bag Balm on your girls belly and the redness should go away within 1 or 2 days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blaze N' Pits View Post
    but I've always been confused with paw biting
    itchy paws are a classic sign of food allergies and atopy, as well as itchy flanks

  8. don't forget flea bite allergies. Those are fun too. :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by tealamutt View Post
    itchy paws are a classic sign of food allergies and atopy, as well as itchy flanks
    Thanx... never looked into it because our female never had chewed at her paws...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gatorpit View Post
    don't forget flea bite allergies. Those are fun too. :)
    Awww yes of coarse, the allergy to flea saliva. Usually leaves bumps every where and causes the dog to be itchy where ever a flea has been.

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    Good post, I have the same problem with Gracie, now she has a mild rash on her tummy.

    This is what my girls feet look like:
    Yes i have clipped her nails since these pics

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    A link of different reasons why dogs lick their paws...

    And I copied a pretty good answer to someones question about the redness between their dogs toes.
    "There are many things that can cause erythema (redness) between the toes. Trauma to the feet from cactus spines, gr$#@!, or injury is possible. Foreign body invasion--especially foxtails or gr$#@! awns--are a very common cause of interdigital redness. Allergies are another common cause of redness and itching. Common sites for allergies issues are feet, ears, inner thigh and abdomen. Ringworm and mites are other causes of dermatitis in dogs. When the skin becomes damaged it allows secondary invaders like bacterial and yeast to set up an infection.
    Have this dog examined by a veterinarian. If an obvious foreign body or injury is not noted your veterinarian will want to do a skin cytology, skin scrape, and fungal culture--this will help with diagnosis and guide treatment."

    Usually when I find an issue, I just research it by googling the problem and going to many many many different sites or just call the vet and ask their opinion(always free to call during work hrs and doesn't hurt to ask).

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    I am having this same issues with my 5 month old puppy! It is the most frustrating thing EVER!

    When we adopted him and brought him home, he brought some bionic fleas with him that would NOT die. My older dog ended up getting a flea allergy and required a shot to fix it. Not to mention she had chewed herself and lost a bunch of hair. Now she looks like she has some freakish skin disorder. Oh well it will grow back eventually.. I hope lol

    I have switched his food a couple of times from Orijen to ToTW. The food doesn't seem to make any difference. I've had a skin scrape done, and the vet gave him a shot once that helped. He stopped itching for awhile but now it's back and I feel so bad for him.

    He seemed to itch a little less on the Pacific Stream then the High Sierra ToTW but he itched on both. I'm feeding him fish oil, probiotics and nothing helps.

    I'm about to just suck it up and pay the $300 to have a complete allergy test done. I hate to watch him chewing himself as I'm sure it's miserable.

    Best of luck, I hope you figure out your itchy puppy problem!

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    I took my almost two year old pup to the vet yesterday. He (Suede) is always itching shaking head, licking constantly and develops these bumps on feet. I was really stressed and as soon as I took him to the vet the he said Gr$#@! Allergies. Have to bath him once a week just to completely remove the allergens from his coat and then after a while i can lessen to once every two weeks. Also need to start him on a Hypo allergenic food. Anyone have the low down on the Purina brand. I personally believe vets are in bed with Purina. I feed him Wellness Core now which I though was top of the line. Any advice would be helpful. Vet also stated that I can't let suede play on the gr$#@! until after the first frost.


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    I would stay clear of purina, vets do not know nutrition, there cl$#@! in vet school are most of the time done by either science diet or another leading crap food brand, guess your vet's was purina. I think wellness core is a good brand, I use taste of the wild myself, but you wanna stick with a grain free. Also maybe limit the protein since some dogs can be allergic to a specific protein like chicken or lamb. I would strongly suggest wipeing your dog down every time he is out to potty, when he comes back in whipe his underside and legs down with a wet cloth like wet wipes or the dog bath cloths you can buy, to help cut down on the amount of gr$#@! that is on the dog and the amount tracked into the house. I would not let him play on fresh cut gr$#@! (that is just me, a friend of mine and my sister are allergic to gr$#@! and it really flares up when they are around fresh cut more so than when its not fresh cut) a place you can take him to play that has no gr$#@! is basketball and tennis corts, it will help keep his nails down too.

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