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    Normal weight for 4 month old ABPT?

    I have a supposedly fullbred ABPT (I'm not convinced - I rescued her from the side of the street, someone handed her to me through a car window...with papers. I fell in love and couldn't bring myself to take her to any rescues when I wanted a dog anyway. We have a big problem with BYB and "pitbulls" in New Orleans) and her papers say that she is supposed to be 4 months old right now.

    Only problem...she only weighs 14 lbs. She's putting on weight and size big time now, but I'm still concerned about the weight. She is by no means underfed, I can promise you that. Everything I see says they should be much bigger by this time. She did have hookworms when I got her, but those have been cleared up.

    That's her in my profile picture, about 2 weeks ago.

    The following pictures were taken in the past week or so.

    If the papers are correct and she is 4 months, is there reason to be concerned, or is she just going to be small? It doesn't matter if she is, but I want her to be healthy.

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    Can you post a picture of her standing up?

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    mine is 20 lbs...but i though that she's small compared to other ones i've met....that didnt help much did it.

    btw..have you gotten her dewormed? or checked for visit yet?

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    apbts ARE small. they arent 90lb monsters.

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    Sounds like a good weight.

    What do her papers say, and what registry?

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    That sounds about right to me. I have a bitch that was about 12 lbs at 4 months, she's 32 lbs now.

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    No comment on her weight really, just wanted to say she is absolutely DARLING. What a pretty girl!!

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    Thanks for all the responses!

    She has been checked for worms, and did have hookworms. She has been dewormed twice after the first round didn't get rid of everything. She should be worm free now, as her bowel movements seem to be MUCH more normal and her energy levels are back up. She's also just had her first set of shots and will be going back in a few weeks for her next round. She also had fleas really badly but we have cleared them up with Comfortis and she will be taking Sentinal this weekend, per vet's orders, to prevent further infestation.

    The vet doesn't seem to be that familiar with pitbulls, but his first estimate last week put her at 12 weeks.

    I will get a picture of her standing up soon - she doesn't like to stand still much, though. :)

    Her papers say she is APBT through the ADBA, born June 25th.

    My only concern is if her growth is stunted and if it coudl cause health problems in the future if she is underweight and whatnot. Like I said, I don't care how big she gets or doesn't get, I just want her to be healthy and happy.

    FWIW, she is partially albino with one blue eye, one green eye, and is partially deaf from what we (being the vet's check and my experience with her) can tell. I'm sure that's why they were so eager to get rid of her to just anyone.

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    yes i saw her eyes in the pic.gorgeous.
    if she checked out fine at the vet then everything shld be good to go..congrats.

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    Aww!! she is sooo cute!! They are supposed to be small. My pup Cricket is 38lbs at 8mo old.

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    She's a cutie patootie. The deafness is a result of her coat color pattern (or I should say they are both a result of the same gene mutation). Lots of animals with blue eyes and white coats are deaf and it has to do with migration of stem cells and lots of boring science-y things. But point being she's not albino or her eyes would be pink.

    I think her weight sounds fine for APBT. You can double their weight at 4 months and that should give you a ROUGH estimate of their adult weight.

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