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    Wowza! Bully Kutta x Gull Terr cross

    A friend's dogs....thought I'd share. :)

  2. So, they're like 8 weeks and 4 months, right? :D

    JK. But damn those are some big dogs. I've always been curious about them. Thanks for sharing.

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    They are beautiful! :)

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    What the heck!!!! They look so huge!!

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    Awesome dogs.

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    Weird. I was just reading about these....

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    Nice looking dogs

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    They are quite large. They are used as guardians and also as match dogs although their opponent isn't always another dog....hence their large size.

    And to my understanding, this cross is being made in an effort to reduce the size some and to loose some of the excess skin and produce a better athlete than the Bully Kutta is on its own.

    As with any breed, the Bully Kutta has several variations depending on what people have been breeding for.

    My local friend's Bully is, ummmm, a freakin' beast. :D

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    nice dogs.

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    I probably wouldnt leave my kids around them buttttttttttttttttt thats just me

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    Sorry for the ignorance but is this cross called the Gull Dong?

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