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    FL: Animal shelter offers free spaying and neutering for pit bulls only


    It's pit bull Friday at the Halifax Humane Society. They are trying to spay or neuter 16 of them on this day.

    But thanks to an $11,000 grant, the low-cost spaying and neutering program is free for pit bulls or pit bull mixes.

    "The money came from the Friends of Florida Inc., the license plate people. They're the ones, whenever you buy a special license plate, spay and neuter, they get the funds from that and then humane societies and other organizations throughout the community request those grants," said Kevin Han$#@! with the Halifax Humane Society.

    The grant lets them help around 144 animals.

    Han$#@! admits public perception of the breed makes getting this money a little easier. But he points out, by making it breed-specific, it actually helps other animals.

    "By getting this grant, we're able to take more of the money we get in donations and help other breeds as well," Han$#@! said.

    Mark Bell, a pit bull owner, is not thrilled about breed-specific programs. He's grown up around the breed his entire life.

    "I think that that just shows the fear that the people have of the dog. I think they should do it for all, if they're going to do it. Why not do it for all dogs in general?" Bell said.

    But if you ask any responsible pet owner, no matter what breed of dog, it really depends on the human and not the animal.

    The Halifax Humane Society has scheduled three more spay-neuter clinics for pit bulls and pit bull mixes this month.

    Reserve a spot by calling (386) 274-4703 ext. 319.

    Animal shelter offers free spaying and neutering for pit bulls only

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    I wish they would do this in Tampa. The Humane Society of Tampa Bay does offer specials from time to time for pit bulls.

  3. Thanks for the info, I'll p$#@! this along :)

  4. Wow that is really close to us - will definitely p$#@! that along!

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