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    Has anyone heard of k9 mega????

    Aza is 4 months and has a dry coat i was informed that k9 supplement has fish oil and salmon oil and is a all in one supplement that helps with coat and all and works wonders. i dont want to pay what banfield offers if that supplement really works. Please if anyone knows anything please help. I also heard 2 raw eggs in her food and fish oil will also do the trick.

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    You could just give fish oil capsules.

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    Go to Wal-Mart or your local drug store and buy fish oil capsules. Poke a hole in the capsule and squeeze the oil onto your dog food. I paid $11.00 for a bottle of 200 capsules that came with another 200 count bottle free. I use one a day per dog.

  4. Fish oil pill will give nice sheen to the coat after the dog has been taking them for a couple of weeks. However, If you are feeding a good quality food to begin with, you probably don't need them. Even most of the mid-priced brands have the omega's in them.

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    Someone mentioned this in another post.

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