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  1. Some sweet babies who need a home

    These are some of the dogs I work with every week. :)
    All are adoptable, and located in or around Dallas, Texas.

    Gabby - anyone know what she might be? she has to be over 60 or 70lbs

    Sugar! this girl has got to be my favorite. so much energy and personality.



    Jelly Bean - had her since she was Six weeks old

    She definetly loves my sister and I, we're always there.


  2. Geez, those dogs are beautiful !!! :)
    Please Please Please let them find good homes ...

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    Beautiful dogs! Hope they find their forever homes soon... I think Gabby is like a Boxer/Whippet mix. But I am really bad at guessing from pictures LMAO She has a very slender build :D Very pretty ;) Love the pink nose :p

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    They are all lovely! I hope they get GREAT homes!

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    What cuties! I am in love with Jelly Bean.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeoestreich View Post
    What cuties! I am in love with Jelly Bean.

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    Hey Velvet, can you post a link to these dogs or the rescue/shelter? We're always looking for pit bulls and bull terriers available for adoption to feature on our front page!


    This is the rescue site, I still need to get a couple on the site but most are on.

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    Oh Gabby! She is GORGEOUS!
    Can I trade my foster dog in for her? Please?! :D

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    Thanks Velvet!

    We can most likely get a few of these up for you next week!

    I also posted your link in the directory!

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