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  1. Question my blue pitbull has tiny bumps under her skin on her back legs.

    my boyfriend & i rescued her about 6-7 months ago. we arent sure how old she is but, probably around 2 - 2 1/2 years. she's energetic, eats A LOT, drinks a good amount of water.. goes to the bathroom normally. everything is normal.. EXCEPT these bumps. she has had them since we got her. sometimes there's a lot & you can tell she has them & sometimes there's not that many and you cant really tell. they have no color 'cause they are under the skin, under the fur. she also has LITTLE TINY bald spots that you can see only when she's standing a certain way or the light catches her a certain way. she doesnt have fleas & she doesnt really scratch herself more than usual. what do you think it is? allergies? mange??? help please!!

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    Only a vet can tell for sure; unfortunately, it's impossible to diagnose on the internet ...

    Have you taken her to your vet?

  3. ACTUALLLY, i just re-looked at them .. some parts are redddish & little bald spots.. and some are just bumps with no color...

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    yeah. but, like i said sometimes they arent really visable.. so, at the time we brought her to the vet, she didnt have them.. and we didnt really notice them too much.

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    What do you feed her?

  5. I'd take her to the vet for a skin scrape just to make sure it isn't demodex mange, which is very common in blue pit bulls.

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    Im gonna guess its an allergic reaction... Pitbulls are famous for these it could be anything from food to flea's ect... Even if you dog dosent have flea's, JUST getting one flea bite can cause a problem such as bumps and lose of fur, or theres a good chance its the food it could be to high in protein for your dog, or i may be a corn based food which alot of dogs have problems with!!! I had the same thing with my dog i ended up taking her to the vet it didnt cost to much because it was a pretty easy fix but its probley the one way to fully get your dog over the problem.. also i would look into front line if not already on the dog and or possibley applyed more often, and look over your dog's dog food see what is in it make sure you have a food that is meat based NOT corn based and if you change these things that will probley help alot and or stop it from happing... But chances are if you dog has these bumps and it is an allergic rec, your dog probley isnt very happy weither you notice a diferance or not so id really try and get that dog to the vet, they will probley give you some meds to help her emun system fight it!!!!

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    OMGROBYN... I love your default pic its so dang cute!!!!

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    Could you post a picture?If it is what I am thinking it is called PYODERMA/Dermatitis Pyoderma/Staph Skin/juvenile pyoderma,'Short hair' pyoderma is seen in certain breeds that are known for it(pit bull's) and it can turn into a lifelong battle.And can lead to demodectic mange.Here are a few topic's that will help you with your battle.
    Dermatitis, Pyoderma, Staph skin infection , skin irritation in Dogs English Bulldogs
    Pyoderma in dogs!!? - Yahoo! Answers
    Pyoderma - Vet Solutions BPO 3 Shampoo 3% Benzoyl Peroxide (16oz)
    I battled this in two of my bull's 3 things that helped was a better diet/California Natural dog's food,BPO 3 shampoo and a 30 day dose of Baytril on the other hand my friends 4 year old bull has been battling this since it was a pup,it will clear up for months at a time then came back again seem's like over night and can be set off by anything,flea bites/insect bites/cheap dog treats/food.Seem's alot of people are having this problem with there pit bull's because of bad breading/inbreeding/poor genetic's.Hope I was of some help.
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