View Poll Results: What does the term "pit bull" mean to you?

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  • American Pit Bull Terrier, and only the APBT, nothing else should be called this

    28 60.87%
  • APBT, Amstaff, Ambully, SBT, BT, ect. Any breed that is bull and terrier

    5 10.87%
  • Nowadays it is only a deragoroty term, coined by the media and others who hate our dogs

    2 4.35%
  • any dog, mixed breed or purbred that looks like it may be at least part APBT

    8 17.39%
  • APBT and American Bully only

    2 4.35%
  • anything I feel like calling a pit bull is one

    1 2.17%
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    What does the term "pit bull" mean to you?

    What does it mean? Really? Its not like we call all of the retriever breeds "retriever" for short, we call them Labs, Goldens, etc. So what does the term "pit bull" mean for you?


    To me, "pit bull" means, and only means the APBT. That is the only breed of dog with the term in its name, therefore it is the only breed of dog it should ever mean, IMHO.

    AmStaff is short for American Staffordshire Terrier
    Staffy Bull or Staffy is short for Staffordshire Bull Terrier
    I don't have a short version for American Bullies, yet, for me, myself, I just always call them American Bullies.
    Bullies, has meant for a long time all the bully breeds, AmStaffs, Staffy Bulls, Pit Bulls, American Bullies, American Bulldogs, Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs, and so on and so forth, so this is not a short name for American Bullies, either.

    To me a "Pit Bull" should never be used to refer to anything other than an APBT.
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    I agree.

    I use Ambully for American Bullies.

    Though, I have been known to use "pit bull" to describe a dog that looks like a bully bred, but are not sure which one or a mix bred dog.
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    Good post, i am the same as you, but its so had to follow that when the word is widley used for all 'pitbull type' breeds.
    Now i just write APBT instead of pitbull :)

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    To me Pit Bull means only the American Pit Bull Terrier. I mean all the breeds that people seem to coin under Pit Bull. They have names, call them what they are. Somebody points at a Staffordshire Bull and calls it a pit bull, no its a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. It has a name call it what it is. Just for example.

    I also feel people are way too loose with the term Pit Bull. And it has become a negative thing to be called a pit bull. And what a shame because "Pit Bulls" are some of the best dogs out there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CoolHandJean View Post
    I agree.

    I use Ambully for American Bullies.

    Though, I have been known to use "pit bull" to describe a dog that looks like a bully bred, but are not sure which one or a mix bred dog.
    I think we all have

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    I try really hard not to ever call anything a 'pit bull', I'll say APBT, AmBull, AmStaff, and everything else is a 'pet bull' or 'bully breed'. I'm weird like that :P

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    I should add, that on here or talking to people I know, is when I will just go down to "pit bull" for short, again, meaning ONLY the APBT, as this is the ONLY breed with those words in it. Typically on here, or talking to the general public, I've had to start saying APBT. When people ask me about my dogs, I always call them American Pit Bull Terriers. Sad, really, that I can't shorten the breed name when talking to the general public, cause more often than not, they are too stupid to understand.

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    LOL at AnnieC, yes i will use the term pitbull when im talking about bullies ect when i am talking to a non dog/apbt person :)

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    I generally say Bull Terrier if I'm asked, which in Sandi's case would be true. She is most probably a mutt with a lot of Bull Terrier behind her. If I'm talking to somebody in the know I'm more specific, Staffie, English, Amstaff etc. I was fairly dismissive of the name American Pitbull Terrier initially, their seemed to be such a huge variety of shapes & sizes coming under the name & I figured it was more a label. Having done a lot of research I now understand what the breed is, where it came from & why. I keep my mouth shut when somebody shows off their "Pitbull" now & it's obviously any thing but. Like the guy down the road who has a beautiful little Staffie with a collar & chain that would anchor the Titanic, he's sooooo proud of his Pittie, sigh.

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    To me the term "pit bull" refers to the APBT.

    Bred to fight in a "pit"...pretty self explanatory.

    I find in to be extraordinarily unfair to group all the breeds together as one common breed.

    They are not a group unto themselves..such as the hound group, herding group...ect...there is not "pit bull" group!?

    Different breeds need to be distinguished as such....they are in fact different breeds.

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    Just wanted to add...I do not believe that if you do not have papers in hand, you do not know what breed of dog you have.

    I know that many dogs that come out of the shelter system and rescue are of mixed origin...but if you know anything about dogs you can differentiate breed.

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    To me pit bull is the shorten term for american pit bull terrier. Just like the shorted term for bull terrier is bully or for the Staffordshire bull terrier its staffy, french bulldog is frenchy etc.

    However today when most people say "thats a pit bull" it means they see a dog with a big bulk head, chest etc. Its also used in the media for a group of breeds.

    I honestly can take it either way, but to me the only true pit bull is the real APBT.

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    ''pit bull'' = slang for American Pit Bull Terrier. I hate the ''umbrella'' concept.

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    Working in rescue, I usually just know that a dog may actually be an amstaff mix, or an american bully etc, but I think the general public would consider that a "pit bull" and I also think that an adopter is better off thinking that dog is a "pit bull" and taking the precautions regarding da and dog parks, etc, than thinking "Oh I have an amstaff (maybe?) and I've heard they had their dog aggression bred out so she should be fine home alone with my pomeranian!" I would only call an apbt a pit bull talking to people who understand these breeds, but I also think the breeds that get lumped together do have a lot of shared ancestry and are often mixed with each other, resulting in a lot of unpapered shelter dogs that are definately of a Type that needs some kind of label. Maybe pit bull is not the ideal one, maybe bull and terrier types would be more correct, but to the general public pit bull is already the established term (at least where I live) and to me all of these breeds are dealing with bigger problems than semantics.

  13. to me pit bull means apbt and nothing else.....
    as far as im aware ive never even seen an ambully......or amstaff....seen plenty poor specimens of apbt but never an ambully whatever it is :confused:

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    I personally see the APBT as the only Pit Bull. However, I still use the term (in the interest of communication) and understand others use the term for a whole host of breeds.

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    To me, and as it should be, Pit Bull is APBT.. I mean, seriously, American Pit Bull Terrier.. I don't see pit bull in American Staffordshire Terrier, American Bully, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, or any other breed, so it makes no sense to be used for any other breed...

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    I guess I'm going to be "odd gal out".

    I use the term to refer to any type of dog that has a predominantly bully look to it.

    If I know the dog's actual lineage then I refer to it as exactly what it is: APBT AmStaff, AST etc.

    But for example if I am driving by a pit bull looking dog, I will say to my husband, "Oh look at that pretty pit bull"! I will not feel compelled to stop the car, have a conversation with the owner about the dog's lineage and only then after specifics have been determined, say to my husband "Oh what a pretty AmBully"; nor will I take a 60 second jog through my memory tallying the significant physical differences between say an APBT and an AmStaff...because I feel it critical to correctly identify the exact lineage of the dog I want to identify in casual conversation...

    and of course as we all know; I couldn't say for sure I was right without a ped anyway...

    so why bother.


    Pit bull unfortunately has become a pretty generic term; and the only one I can think of to describe a bully breed of unknown origins...

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    That's actually a tough question for me to answer.
    When I'm talking with a close friend/family member (who are all well aware of what an APBT really is) I will often use the term "pit bull" when refering to an APBT as the person I am talking to knows exactly what I mean when I say Pit Bull.

    It is kind of hard to say though as (in my city, anyways) the Pit Bull is legally classified as an individual breed, which makes no sense as they also list the APBT and the "pit bull terrier" as breeds.

    (From the City of Prince George Animal Control Bylaw no.7771, 2005)
    Restricted Dog
    means a Pit Bull Terrier, an American Pit Bull Terrier, a Pit Bull, a
    Staffordshire Bull Terrier, an American Staffordshire Terrier or a

    crossbreed of any of the aforementioned breeds.
    So when speaking to people who are inexperienced with the breed and it's origins, I use "pit bull" as a categoric term and go on to explain the individual breeds within the category. To be honest, I HATE the use of the term "pit bull" as it only further drives people to lump these dogs together, unless of course it is being used to describe the APBT and only the APBT. I know, I make no sense.

    I guess what I am trying to say is that I would like if people thought of the APBT as the only "pit bull" but were still able to differenciate between the other breeds lumped into the category which I think is better refered to as "bull an terrier" dogs.

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    i call my dogs APBT not pit bulls that word to me is a generalized to any breed that has some or looks like a APBT

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    Ok I admit it, I am a snob. Only the APBT is called a Pit Bull. There are Staffs, Ambullies, Americans, Bull Terriers,etc etc and APBTs.

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    Just out of curiosity; to those of you who prefer to use pit bull only for APBT's...what do you call UKC APBTs?

    I often call Veronica a generic "pit bull" because I don't consider UKC APBTs technically APBTs; but at the same time it also doesn't feel right to call her an AmStaff because she is a registered dog and that would imply she is an AKC AmStaff which she isn't.

    Do I have to call her a pitter-staff? :o

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