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  1. Help! My pit HATES cats!

    I have a pure bred rednose pit and I am having trouble with her and cats. She HATES cats and will go after them. I NEED help! How can I safely train her to not go after cats? Or is there a trainer that can help me. She is good with other dogs and she lets birds eat out of her dish.

    I adopted her from a friend who adopted her from a shelter. She is a very good dog. She has no problem going on walks and if we see a cat I can keep her attention on walking and not trying to go after them but it is when she is in the yard and the cats come into the yard is where we have a problem. I am at my wits end. I saw the dog whisperer train a pit to not go after cats but I don't have enough expeirence to do it my slef. If anyone can help I would greatly appreicate it!

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    Do you have cats? You can only manage it, not really train them out of it. :)

    It's common for bully breeds to have a high prey drive.

  3. I have cats but we keep them separated...She doesn't go after our cats..Only the neighbor hood strays. But thanks...I was hoping to be able to train her but maybe not.

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    As I mentioned in your intro post - it's the same for us:

    our two dogs live in peace with our 5 lb. Japanese Bobtail-X, but any cat that tries to get over the fence will be met with a less than friendly welcome.

    Our local stray cat population has gown (foreclosures), and I am trying to make a dent in it by trapping the cats - as we speak, one such cat is in a trap, awaiting pick-up from AC.

    That might be something to consider for your fence drama; I agree that it can be annoying.

  5. Our cats and dog can't be in the same room together because she (Pit) will go after them...She tried once and ended up separting them. But one of our cats tries to taunt here thorugh our french doors but she ignores them...the cats hang out at our neighbors house and they have tried to trap all of them but every time we turn aroung there is a new liter of kittens and new cats...I am thinking of getting some hog wire and putting it up and doubling it so that the cats cannot get through our fence....My biggest fear is that someone is going to call about her and have her taken away. Can they put a dog down for killing cats?

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    That depends on where you are ( = some jurisdictions will deem a dog dangerous, even it if kills a cat that has traveled into the dog's yard). Around here (Los Angeles County), the dog would not be deemed dangerous.

    If I were you, I'd keep trapping and gently educating those that breed 'oops' litter after litter of kittens ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by NicoleW View Post
    She doesn't go after our cats..Only the neighbor hood strays.
    Quote Originally Posted by NicoleW View Post
    Our cats and dog can't be in the same room together because she (Pit) will go after them...She tried once and ended up separting them.
    So.. does she go after your cats, or not?

    I'm guessing she's going after the strays that are coming into your yard, correct? My dogs are great with cats, but I can pretty much guarantee that if Wilson saw a cat in my yard, he'd chase it. If they aren't your cats, not much you can do other than to try to keep them out of your yard.

    So these are feral cats? A lot of areas have specific TNR (trap, neuter, release) groups for this. They'll put out traps and try to get as many as they can spayed/neutered then re-lease them (usually they try to adopt the kittens out if they get them). You could look into this if it's something you're interested in.

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    I had a good talk with my neighbor about her cats getting in my yard, and how if she really cares about them, she'll keep them inside so they're not eaten. BUT, since these are strays...


    Talk to your neighbors.

    Look up cat aversives. Try to barricade your yard. Make a chain spot for your dog, so if the cats do get in the yard, they have a chance to escape, if they make it to the chain spot, well, clearly nature doesn't want them to live. If possible, put a kennel up around the spot to keep the cats out.

    Let AC know about all the strays too. And if your dog does get ahold of a stray cat, dispose of it quickly and quietly.

    My dogs get along with my cat, but if a cat comes into the yard, well I hope that cat can run fast or it's screwed.

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    The feud between cats and dogs is as old an Methuselah. Even in the comics dogs are chasing cats and cats are hissing and spitting on dogs.

    And then you've got terrier breeds that are known for the prey drive and bulldog also known for prey drive and animal aggression.

    I'm not sure why you are shocked.

    The best advice I have is to keep your dog and your cat away from each other. If you want the cat out loose, put your dog in a kennel/crate (preferably in another room). If you want your dog out loose, put your cat in a bedroom and shut the door.

    Otherwise you could and may very well end up with a dead cat and a blind dog (thanks to those vicious cat claws).

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    As for the neighborhood strays, talk to your neighbors who own these cats and warn them. Call AC about the cats. And that's about it.

    If people cared about their cats, they would keep them safely indoors. Cats are no more wild creatures needing days and nights of outside time to keep them happy than our dogs are.

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    We've got 2 puppies, 10 mos, 3 mos, and 2 kittens 3 mos. There's enough space so that its no problem to keep all of them separated. The 3 mo pup is fine w/ kittens so far, in fact they play together w/ both puppy and kittens initiating play.
    The 10 mo old pup has high prey drive, I don't want them to be together, but don't want him barking and straining to get at them either. So I gradually acclimated them.

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    Oh the good old cat and dog battle. Dogs have been chasing cats since the beginning of time I suppose.

    Here is the deal. At the end of the day your dog is a terrier and terriers are well known for their prey drive. You can maintain and control a dogs prey drive to an extent but you can't train it out of them. If that drive is there it can get the better of them.

    My Sasha has a prey drive and we do a pretty good job of controlling it. She mostly likes to go after rabbits, squirrels, bicycles, and cars. Its more of a movement thing for her obviously. If it moves and fast she wants to chase it. She has never really chased a cat, she is terrified of them. But for her to see a nice squirrel or rabit the chase is on. When we get a fence we are going to have to put about 2ft of concrete below to make sure she can't dig out. She will dig out faster than you can blink. So any outside time in a fence has to be closely monitored.

    What we do is if we are outside she is always on a leash. Unless in a fence and then she is still not allowed out of our sight. Because even though she won't normally try to get out, if she sees a squirrel or a bunny its over, she will try to dig out.

    My point is you just have to keep control over the situation when you have a dog with a prey drive. I mean if you have a dog with a prey drive and you have cats in your home that is great. Just don't ever leave them unsupervised together because you never know what could happen when you aren't there watching. As far as stray cats, just keep a close watch on your dog when he is outside. Honestly even without the prey drive I wouldn't leave my dog outside alone, but that is just me. Oh and if your dog is not in a fence make sure your dog is leashed outside at all times. That should help

  12. Good luck! I saw your title and that is the first thought that comes to my head!

    We have feral cats-barn cats so to speak. They are helpful at getting mice, snakes, what have you. But not very smart.

    The dogs bark at the cats every day, every time they go out and go potty. The cats were bron and raised around this, on the safe side of the fence. However, the last two litters have completly been obliterated by my dogs due to the dumb cats stupidity!

    We have tried everything to make the dogs be nice to the cats. Nothing has worked.

    When the cats turn approximatley 6 months old, for some reason, they venture into the fenced yard, and when the dogs go out, they get caught by surprise and get chomped. One bite, they die, then the dogs move on to barking at others.
    Slowly, but surely, each cat dies like this.

    This past litter, there are 2 left, and out of 9 babies, one tiny kittenm from her most recent. The other 8 died, I guess, not by the dogs yet, but by other creatures I $#@!ume.

    The other day, Barthalemew was in the front yard-dont know why, but Dixie chomped him, he survived but gave dixie a face full of scratches. He is the first to survive.

    Now, having said how vicious my dogs are to cats, hubby opened the back door to leave this morning and Penelope came insied the LR, turned and stared at Cato in his cage-right in the eye. Cato didnt do anything. Put his head back down.

    S0-I dont think so much it is the fact they are cats-in my situation it seems to be the fact that there is a small furry thing running like hall in the yard-and prey drive kicks in. If they wanted a cat-per ey dead, wouldnt they eat it? They chomp it and leave it, looking for the next thing to "run".

    Like I said, good luck, but it prolly best to just try and keep them seperated because prey drive rules in this breed and it is hard to change.

  13. Do you feed your dogs outside? Try not to leave dog food outside because that will attract stray cats. I agree with trapping and getting the cats fixed. Most animal controls and humane societies will loan out cat traps. In Atlanta we can get feral cats fixed for $15. If you can't afford to get them fixed, you can also take them to Animal Control. Sometimes you can manage a dog's cat aggression, but sometimes their prey drive is just too high, this is especially common in terrier breeds. Here are some links on how to manage a cat and dog household and how to desensitize a dog to cats:

  14. ......I sometimes read my posts and realize that they are too long winded for no reason lol, out of everything that I said above, I think my actual point was that, once they experience the "chase" of a good cat, it is hard to get them to change. Almost like it was too fun to quit lol.


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    My Molly screamed and lunged at a block of wood yesterday It was a block of wood cut, shaped and painted to look like a cat and was high on a shelf behind the cash register of the pet store. Thankfully, the employees there all thought it was funny though Molly's prey drive screaming can be rather alarming to most people. One of the clerks took the wooden cat down from the shelf and Molly got to sniff it and was disappointed/confused that it wasn't real. She kept trying to find a "real" cat after that and was a bit of a pain while we were still in the shop.

    I think it's possible to instill some impulse control in some dogs to not go after prey but the more over the top they are, the harder it's going to be. I haven't tried all that hard with Molly because, well, a block of wood can set her off

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    Cassius is fine with our cats when they are inside, but as soon as they are outside he gets all suspicious and thinks they are running for his bone, so he will get his bone and then chase them with it and nudge them with his bone as if he wants them to play. They just go under the house and ignore him

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    My dog hates cats. When I take him fishing he tries to get after the fish I catch. Its pretty fun trying to reel one in and keep my dog away.

  18. I had to re-home 2 cats after we got Nikki, she hates cats...

  19. Quote Originally Posted by Zeuceone View Post
    My dog hates cats. When I take him fishing he tries to get after the fish I catch. Its pretty fun trying to reel one in and keep my dog away.
    Lol sounds as bad as my Dixie chasing and hitting my 54 inch plasma when she saw a roach crawling on a pest control companys advertisement the other day. A ROACH for heavens sake!

  20. It sounds to me like you keep your indoor cat away from your dog, and that the problem is cats outside.

    Is there a way you can keep the cats out of your yard? We put up this stuff to keep our cat IN our yard (it worked for like 6 months - but she finally lost a bit of weight and now shimmies up the 2x4). Depending on what type of fencing you have, you should research some options for that.

    Outside Zoey is a cat chaser (as well as lizards and blowing leaves or anything else that may whiz past her face). Inside she doesn't bother our cat too much, but our cat is extremely ferocious and doesn't take much crap from the dogs. We walk around our neighborhood and she never forgets a hiding place. I see her start to prance when we get close to what is a normal cat hangout. When it starts getting dark early, we leave the neighborhood for our walks because there are so many feral cats it becomes annoying.

    Good luck.

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