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    I have a 1yr old blue nose pitbull with skin conditions. I need advise.I've taken to the VET 3 times, the meds help until he finishes the meds. He has small bald patches from his back to his tail.

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    Has the vet done a skin scrape to rule out mange?

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    If he has been to the vet 3 times and have not diagonosed what his condition is; it's time to go to another vet and get a 2nd opinion! :)
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    What is the vet telling you is wrong ??
    Did you rule out mange?
    What are you feeding the dog ??
    Have you changed foods ?
    have you started using new treats ?
    have you moved ?
    May want to try a new vet
    Could be allergies to the food could be environmental allergies
    What about fleas ?
    Lots of things could be causing it
    Post some photos along with the additional info

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    Blue colored dogs have many allergies. He could be allergic to something he is around.

  6. My blue boy had allergies when he was younger. It wasnt mange or anything. I washed him 2x a week with Oatmeal shampoo and added 2 eggs to his diet 3x a week and it cleared that right up

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    My Rain is not a bluenose but she had the same problem. I had to bathe her with oatmeal shampoo and change her diet to something that did not have a lot of different stuff in it. She was on Wellness Core with whitefish and sweet potato's. Once I changed her diet the rashes left and her hair grew back. She has not had another break out or loss ant hair at all.

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    this could be ANYTHING. you need to be more specific on everything, what the vet has said, what the dog eats, where the dog goes, etc.

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    Here is a more extensive thread about the same dog: Hair loss - Health Nutritional Care

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