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Thread: Lab/pit mix?

  1. Lab/pit mix?

    So, now that Luther is older, we think he may be a lab/pit mix. He sort of has a pit "stance", ears, and some of the facial features, but he has webbed paws and a longer coat that seems waterproof. Look at his face and coat... do you guys think his hair is too long for a pit bull? :confused:

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    It's sure possible! He's a cutie.

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    What an adorable pup!!!

    Bella's hair is completely different than Mollie's. Mollie has the very tight, very short hair... Bella has longer, and softer hair.. much more smooth. Cooper has coarse hair that is very dry... but I'm working on that to get more moisture in it. Each one is different, but I believe it's possible he is Lab/APBT mix... or something like that. He's simply adorable!!

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    Did you steal my puppy?! LOL. Luther looks identical to my puppy, Peyton! We also think he is a lab/pit mix beacuse of the same features...longer coat hair, webbed paws etc although mine seems to be maybe mixed with chocolate lab, his coat is very chocolately/seal colored.

    Too cute though! :)

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