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  1. Orijen puppy food

    So i have an 8 1/2 week old blue nose, and i wanted to get some insight on the Orijen Large Breed puppy kibble.

    Has or does anyone feed this to there pups?

    please let me know...

    Thank you in advance,

  2. I feed my 11week old pup that..he love it. I will never feed anything else now..

  3. Quote Originally Posted by 49erNation View Post
    So i have an 8 1/2 week old blue nose, and i wanted to get some insight on the Orijen Large Breed puppy kibble.

    Has or does anyone feed this to there pups?

    please let me know...

    Thank you in advance,
    I have fed it off and on for 8 months. At first my dog was doing fine on it then all of a sudden he had loose stool. So I switched his food to Fromm.

  4. i will never use this again It's got way too much protein in it. My pup started losing weight and posture started looking bad. she ate lots of it but always seemed to loose weight. I ended up using sure grow to help her with her posture.

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    You don't need the large breed. Just get the regular puppy. If you do feed it make sure you have plenty of fresh water available. The high amount of protein can be $#@! a puppy's system. But there are many many people whose puppy's have never had a problem with it.

    I would rather recommend something with lower protein. Taste of the Wild is a good food to start out on - it is an all life stages food. Wellness also makes a puppy formula as well as Blue Buffalo if you want to get an age specific food.

  6. He seems to eat it, but doesnt seem very fond of it, has anyone tried Merrick's BG
    (before grain) Chicken Meal?

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    The Acana all life stages grain free varities are also lower protien and have acceptable ratios for puppies. Little cheaper than the Orijen too.

    Just changed the dogs to the Grasslands flavor and am very impressed with the quality of the food and not one of them had any digestive upset even with a cold switch. They all have super sensitive tummies, so thats impressive.

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    I have been hearing good things about Acana grain free. I'm going to have to check it out. I've also been hearing decent things about Merrick as well. I gotta find who sells it around here.

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    It looks like Acana has also upped the amount of meat and meat meals since last did a review when I compare that with the bag. So they're making good changes as they go too!

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    I like Acana as well, we have a lot of customers that use it and we always get positive feedback. Fromm is another excellent food with positive feedback.

    I agree normal orijen puppy is fine for a pit, you don't need large breed. Loose stools can happen if you're overfeeding.

    All the foods mentioned have frequent buyer programs, which is great, it saves a little money.

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