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  1. How much did your pup weigh @ 10 weeks?

    Do any of you remember? I would just like to compare my babe (who is currently 10 weeks) to everyone else..

    He's a healthy 16 lbs.

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    Lola was 11.7 but she is a GSD/AST mix, the AST is probably not purebred either. Is your pup a purebred? and how about a pic :D

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    i'm sure i proably over fed kidbully(r.i.p.) but i fed the others two cups a day.i fed kidbully 1 1/2 cups a meal.

  4. Moto was 10wks last week - 10.3lbs. He's an AmStaff though (daddy was 60lbs, mom was 50lbs)

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    just got layla weighed on friday she is 11lbs, she was very thin when i got her two weeks ago the 100% new zealand colostrum and the fish oil she has put on weight and is starting to look very healthy

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  6. here's 2 pics.. I feed him Orijen (large puppy) mixed with Wellness puppy (what the breeder was feeding him)..

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    roddy hes beautiful!

  8. thanks Auggie... that's my babe!! :-)

  9. 13.13 lbs at 9 1/2 weeks

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    eagle was 13lbs and lucky was 14 lbs at 10 weeks....ive always kept them on the chubbier side until about 16 weeks

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