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    Is my female pregnant?

    My female UKC reg pit would be 6 weeks pregnant today and shes going to the vet next week to confirm her pregnancy and have an xray... however id like to get your opinion on whether or not you think shes pregnant. Shes not HUGE, but she is slightly wider through her rib cage and her nipples are slightly larger and more red. She never went through a "morning sickness" period where she didnt eat (but shes a pig and never turns down a meal) but she has been very tired and lazy. My husband and I change our minds everyday on whether or not we think she is actually pregnant, we are waiting for her to get huge and she hasnt yet. Here are some attached pictures tell me what you guys think
    2010-07-21 10:38 pictures from dogs photos on webshots

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    6 weeks eh is 42 days, she does not look pregnant to many ties did you guys do? Scarlett had 6 pups and on day 45 these were her photos....

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    they can look anywhere from fat to not even looking preg. so who knows.

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    when did she tie the first time and the last couple times? You would count those days as possible "breedings" but if you werent around or keeping close track the best thing to do is confirm it with a vet because phantom pregnancies look damn close to the real deal.

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    No way to really tell by the pictures. Let the vet check her out to confirm, and if she is, bone up on your dog pregnancy reading. Most people think there's nothing to whelping pups, but there are always unexpected things that pop up. Good luck, I don't envy you. I'd hate to have a pregnant dog, I'd have a nervous breakdown.

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