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    swollen boobies after heat cycle?

    Is it normal for a bitch to get swollen nipples after her first heat cycle? My SBT will turn 9 months at the end of the month and she just came out of her 1st heat about a week + ago. During her cycle I noticed that her nipples were getting swollen and alot larger than before.

    Will they go back down? the are swollen around the nip and actually the nipples are very prominent now.

    am i freaking out over nothing?...LOL


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    sounds like a false pregnancy

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    well how long does this last? will they go back down to normal yeah when i feel around her nips they dont feel soft around the swellness they feel full. if you can understand that.

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    My Bitch has a false pregnancy about every time. Just keep an eye out, my Vet said that even if it's a false pregnancy, that mastitis *sp* is still possible.

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    90% of the time, a bitch will have a false pregnancy on their first and or second heat. the swelling will go down, the time it takes, you cant really guesstimate. ive heard of one bitch who went through full stages of pregnancy but was never bred. I have only seen from my dogs, as far as nesting, and milk production.

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    Sounds like a false pregnancy to me,wich can be normal.My GSD bitch had those EVERY heat before we spayed her out(even went in to false labor).It's natural for a dog to go through some basis of pseudopregnancy,but if it is profound(like my GSD with fasle labor) she may need spayed or looked at by a vet because of a hormone imbalance.As for your dog,her nipples will go down a lil bit,but will never be as small as before she had her first heat.It can take about a month(or so) to go back,after the false heat.

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    yeah theres like knots (thats what i call them) under her nipples. they feel hard.

    i knew i should have gotten her spayed before her 1st.....oh well lesson learned.

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