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    here is my kennel setup

    Lol, its not really a kennel setup, But in my head it is. We converted my Extra room into the PeterBuilt kennels home office. :D I put in 4x4x4 kennels and laid carpeting down, it is mainly so i dont have to use crates when i am at work and now i can house a female if we are doing a breeding. I just thought i would post it up since everyone else was putting up their huge setups, lol. I am going to be putting Kuranda beds in there for the dogs soon too. Im trying to find something chew proof, since anything that can fit in petes mouth will be in his mouth.

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    I am proud to say I helped set it up :D

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    I would have stuck with the tile. Carpet is going to me messy to clean up.

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    Very nice set up though.

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    Lol, Everyone is potty trained.

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    Thats the same set up I have only I bought an extra pen and made everyones 6 x 4. Also I have the interlocking mats on concrete floor. Those are cool only thing I hate is ducking that bar to get in, oh, I feed the dogs in those crates. Way to go outside the box!

  6. If I had an extra room I would be all over that. Good job

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    Looks good!

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    expensive cages, i wish i could afford those.

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