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  1. purple ribbon/viking vruiser

    Im new to this had my girl 7 months now. Lately people have been asking me what bloodline she is I have always answered purple ribbon. A few people have asked me what type. I looked on her brothers paper work and it says the sir was purple ribbon/vikings/vruiser the dam was purple ribbon/vruiser. Has anyone heard of vruiser as a bloodline or viking? And if its a good bloodline both dogs are very stocky 53lbs for my female and 62lbs for my brother male at 10 months old. Both dogs are from the same litter.

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    Can't say that I have.

    Though, Purple Ribbon just means that x amount of generations have been registered with the UKC, nothing more or less, so, no real need to mention the "PR" part.

  3. so purple ribbon doesnt mean much?
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    PR doesnt mean jack squatt.

  5. sorry about the multiple replies wifi was acting up. I was thinking of getting my girl blood tested to make sure of the bloodline and type. Plus I need it to get her paper work back cousin lost them.

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    all you have to do is tell your cousin to file for new paperwork

  7. he never put it in his name, the paper he got from the breeder. It looked like a title or birth certificate. And I cant get a hold of the breeder.

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    Yeah, Purple Ribbon isn't really an "earned" title or an accomplishment. Just a tag that shows that x # of generations have been registered with the UKC.

    They only blood test/DNA test that are really accurate right now are the test to say, "Yes, this is the Sire and Dam." The breed one isn't quite accurate yet, and there is no bloodline one as far as I know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by luvpits View Post
    he never put it in his name, the paper he got from the breeder. It looked like a title or birth certificate. And I cant get a hold of the breeder.
    well then your SOL. sorry.

  10. someone at a kennal told me I can get the dog tested though the apbt registry and get paperwork though them. And since we have the sibling with papers it is easier to prove that we are legit.

  11. Yeah, that would be DNA testing. Saying that "This dog and this dog are related." That is available. Many people get their Sire and Dam's DNA profiled, so, they can show the people getting the pups that yes, the Sire and Dam are really who they claim. So, if a brother/sister have the same DNA, then that is like saying, "This was his Sire/Dam."

    Though, do you mean the APBR? Or a different registry? If I remember correctly the APBR will register anything.

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    Unless you have the actual papers from the breeder no reputable registry will register the pup.

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