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    Being very protective with kids

    I have 2 grand children one who is 7 and has been with Rain since she came to us as a pup and one who is 18 months who has been around Rain since birth Both are very close to her and it's great. Rain is very protective and watches them all the time. When my grandsons aunt came to visit Rain had no problem with her being around them until she hollered at my grandson to stop kicking a ball in the house. Now my grandson is 18 months and he started crying when his aunt hollered at him. Rain herd her holler at him she came between my grandson and his aunt and began to growl at her to get away from him. Now Rain will not let my grandsons aunt get anywhere near any of the children.

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    Totally understand where you are coming from
    Sasha is becoming increasingly overprotective of our daughter and it concerns me. Its one thing with strangers but when its family I feel she needs to cool it. Like if my husband or I are holding her and she starts crying its no big deal she knows we aren't hurting her and wouldn't hurt her so she just goes about her business. But say my mother is holding my daughter (and keep in my Sasha doesn't really know my mother she rarely comes over and really the first time she really spent any time around my mom was the week after the baby was born) and my daughter starts to cry, she comes running and she doesn't growl at her but she paces and is very watchful and if she starts crying too much Sasha turns to me and starts whining herself. And then once the baby stops crying after that Sasha will position herself right in front of her, eyes glued on her. Same with other relatives. Ok so now I can see why she makes them a bit nervous at times.
    On walks if a stranger gets too close to the baby buggy she will start barking incessantly and that bothers me because she has never been a barker. But she will bark until they back up. And you know I don't like strangers coming up to see the baby, mainly because there are so many weirdos out there I just soon nobody come up to us. But that behavior though I appreciate her concern and willingness to protect, is not acceptable in a regular harmless situation.
    Infact now she thinks she needs to protect her from bugs. The baby was in her pack n play near the window. Well there was a Praying Mantis on the windowsill so Sasha got between the playpen and the Praying Mantis and starting barking and growling like crazy at this little bug. Basically if that little bug is going to try to get to the baby it was going to have to go through Sasha.
    Well I think the praying Mantis is a neat bug so I took it outside so it would be okay.

    I have a level of concern over this because one of these days my daughter could have a friend over and you know kids play rough and say my daughter gets knocked down, I fear Sashas reaction if she continues to be so protective.

    Now in Sasha's case this behavior didn't begin until after Sashas Brother Dog died, so maybe I am totally off and I talked to the trainer about it and she thinks its possible as well. That there is a link between her brother dog passing and this new protective behavior. She has become more and more protective of myself and my husband as well. But our trainer is going to be working on it with us. In the meantime she suggested when someone she isn't 100 percent comfortable with is over to go ahead and crate her in another room and on walks go on non busy times so there is a less likely a chance of an encounter. Just until we get this sorted out and a good training plan in order.

    All I can suggest is maybe when people are over and the kids are there if the aunt comes over crate the dog in another room. Just kind of take the dog out of the confusion and situation.
    But at the same time I think this protective behavior is something that needs to be addressed.
    Because what if the two kids get in a fight and one starts crying, your dog might get defensive and growl or snap at the other child.

    Totally understand your predicament and if you find a good solution please let me know.

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    I suggest you find a pit bull savvy trainer in your area. Your dog is showing territorial aggression and it can lead to a bite if not addressed.

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    Harley was pretty protective of my son for a while also. Anytime someone would come over Harley would bark and jump between the door and my son and if he felt my son was to close to the door he would use his body and push my son back away from the door while he was doing his little "woofs" and growling at whoever was at the door. That was also when Harley was still new to our family and didnt know anyone who came over to well. I worked on "enough" (his 'stop what your doing' command) and its gotten much better.

    Now he usually will only "body block" my son if he is right up at the screen door and someone is walking up to the door. He will go up next to my son and side step untill my son is almost pinched between the actaul front door and his body (away from the opening of the screen door) and typically my son will back out becuase he doesnt want to be there, and he will try and loop around behind Harley and if Harley doesnt know the person at the screen he will then back away and 'body block' my son from getting close to the door. If Harley knows the person then he lets my son go up to the screen.

    As I mentioned, the "enough" command has helped a lot with Harley. If I see him blocking my son and I know its someone he doesnt need to do that with I will tell him "enough" and he will imediately drop his tence protective posture and relax and greet the person (or "woof" if he truely doesnt know them) but he stops guarding my son which is what I wanted.

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