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    Do they ACTUALLY not trust pit bulls?

    I was in the back yard with Socrates when my grandmother came back (she's my landlord - we share a yard when she's here) with a friend of her's and their two dogs. His dog was a mutt of some sort, but she was a big girl and very pretty although a bit overweight. I got Socrates on his leash right away when I saw them approaching the gate. I introduced myself politely, asked him how he was doing, and said hi to his pup. He was very polite but then said, with a smile on his face, "that's a pit bull". I responded "yes..." $#@!uming he was happy about it. He then goes "oh I don't trust those things" like he was just making small talk or something. So I said "alright well could you please back away from the gate so I can get him out of here?" He backs up and while I'm walking Socrates out he says "Is he mean?" I couldn't even help myself but just laugh at him and say as sarcastically as possible "Yea, he's really mean, that's why I own him. I tried to find the meanest one I could". His smile quickly fell off of his face. My grandmother then interfered and said, "he's the nicest dog you'll ever meet in your life". The guy then asked to say wait a second, you don't trust him but you want to say hi? I told him I would rather not.

    I feel like every time that I encounter someone who has an issue with my dog, they don't even have an issue at all!! Rather it just makes them feel good to utter the words "I don't trust pit bulls" even though they have NO PROBLEM interacting with them.

    Just a couple weeks ago I had a similar experience with a woman who just HAD to tell her husband and kids to look out for the pit bull as she walked by, yet walked her children just inches away from him. If she REALLY thought my dog should be feared, wouldn't you think she would have moved her damn kid away from the beast?

    It's things like this that make me even more angry. Like the ones on the other side rooting for BSL don't even really believe what they are saying. They just want to have something to bitch about, follow the crowd, and don't think for a second about the ones they are fighting against. GRRRR.....

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    Oh yeah, I've gotten stuff like that, like once I had a guy let his German Shepherd puppy play with Sinead, then he got all like, "She's not mean is she? Is it okay to pet her?" I felt like going, "So you let your puppy run up to her, and then you ask if she's mean."

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    I was at an agility event last weekend and a woman came up to me and asked if she could pet my dog. I said Sure. My dog flopped over on his back and loved her up. She then starts telling me that she has a deep fear of the breed and that she's terrified of pit bulls and that she's always afraid that a pit bull will kill her sheltie on a walk. She said she knew I had nice dogs and hoped that petting one would help.

    I wasn't exactly sure what I was supposed to say. In one way, it's nice that she's trying, but in another way, she just found a fairly nice way to insult my pets and my taste in dogs.

    I get sick of the extra attention.

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    I swear some people seem like they just want to show off that they know you own a pit bull. I havnt had stupid comments like you mentioned but Ive had a guy who was watching me while I was outfront with Harley on a potty break and they guy asked "is he a blue nose?" Hes CLEARLY not blue and this area is know for the gang members, drug dealers and the like (I get a lot of compliments on my 'pit bull') so Im pretty sure they guy was showing off that he knows what type of dog I have, possibly trying to say something that I didnt know so he sounded smart because he knows about pit bulls... as it worked out he just made himself look stupid because my dog is clearly a reddish brown not blue any way you look at him ESPICALLY not in the sun where we were when he passed.

    So I in cases like yours no I dont think they dont trust them, its like a childs need to show off (I used to point out breeds of dogs as a kid and show off that I knew what was what). Its like they are showing off that they know your dog is a pit bull and the typical reaction is "I dont trust them" Though for me when I go to Petsmart with my son and Harley I usually get people telling me "pit bulls make great dogs" well duh thats why I have one, you dont need to tell me that (I hope some of it is beacuse I just look like a teenager whos babysitting, I have been asked if my son is my little brother) but its its almost as irritating as the stupid comments because people always need to tell me that about my pit bull when they see us with my son.

    Maybe Im wrong but thats just my thoughts.. people are showing off that they know you have a pit bull

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    "Is he mean?"

    I would be surprised, actually shocked if there are pit bull owners who have never had someone ask them that. Hear it all the time...even from other pit bull owners. Oh beautiful dog, is he mean? lol

  6. My old landlord didn't trust ME because I liked pit bulls. Like, seriously lady, if I wanted an evil dog you'd see me cruising with a presa canario or something like that....yeesh.

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    people live a lie, to the point they start believing there own lies

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    Quote Originally Posted by youknow2 View Post
    people live a lie, to the point they start believing there own lies

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    This is slightly off topic, but I walked a dog that looked a lot like Socrates at the shelter today. I knelt down to get some smooches and I got a full body bully hug and knocked flat with love. It was awesome. :D

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    People just like to hear themselves talk, and don't realize they sound like complete morons.

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    All I know is I was walking in the park the other day with Kratos, this punk, he looked to be 16 or 17 walked passed us and nearly got down on my dogs level and got directly in his face before passing us, then once he did he said, "You dont *uck with those dogs." I kept thinking to myself, dont mess with "those" dogs but you get down into my dogs face and pretty much challenge him with your eyes....some people are just so freaking ignorant I want to sterilize them. Well, want to do more then that...but Im a nice person. :)

  12. Brooke, im asumming that this isnt the first and wont be the last time you have to deal with this sort of person.
    I think by some of the responses here and my own experiences with similar types that its all pretty normal for us.
    The funnier ones are when the people who have just started patting and hugging your dog commenting how cute its is rah rah rah, ask what sort of breed it is, and nearly run when you say the breed, like now the dog knows they know what it is its going to kill them.

    well i think that our attitudes to these situations need to change a little bit for the benifit of these people, yes i get sick of it and yes i hate talking to people about the breed but as an owner i can either be a recluse and let them have doubt about what sort of owner i am, or i can talk to them and remove the thought that i am just another "pitbull" owner.
    APBT are not the devil[most of the time] and just because we choose to own them it doesnt mean we are not human.

    Brooke, maybee next time take a second to give the thought that will give this fella the benifit of the doubt, even if you feel like its a joke, humour him, we never know that may have been one person who is unsure about what he has heard or maybee wants to find out himself and form his own opinion on our breed instead of beleiving all that hype? most people havent come in close enough proximity to a real APBT to even have a chance to form their own opinion on the breed.
    the people that ask questions even stupid ones, at least are asking questions, and in my eyes thats better than pointing fingers and spouting some quote they got off the news about the machine gun on a leash.

    i was once walking on the street i lived on, across the roadw was an elderley lady walking enjoying her day when the pulled me up and asked if my dog was an APBT.
    i politely told her it was a mutt and i wasnt sure was she is, and the lady asked if i would cross the road so she could pat my dog. on arriving my dog[the freak] was yipping hello and body wagging her way to love with this lady.
    Said lady went on to tell me she knew she was a pitbull and she is awesome. she then told me that until a week earlier she had been scared to even look at any she had even seen for more than twenty years, her mind changed when a fella came into her volenteer workplace who had brought his dogs, two apbts that were well trained and social.she spent two hours around the two dogs and commented on how rock solid they were and were great with everyone around them and even in all the commotion of a lot of people they never changed at all. what great dogs.
    that lady had many friends at the local church, which was across the road from my house, and a retirment village up the road, withing three months i went from having a cold reception to having being welcomed up on to peoples porchs to enjoy a cuppa and let the oldies, pat the dog like it was their own.

    that one persons attitude at being open to learn and form their own opinion about something totally changed my perception on the area i lived at the time and helped my dog become welcome in an area, she previously was not.

    and know not everyone is like that far from it, and i think we all know its easier to p$#@! up than to man up, but i think its time we make an educated choice on giving someone a chance to change their mind about a breed they only know about because of the news.

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    I don't usually have bad comments made to me about Odie. I live in what used to be a retirement community. Pretty much still is but now the town is expanding and more younger people are moving in. Mostly the older generation ie 50,60,70's all tell me how these dogs get a bad rap. I just get avoided by the scared people. Except my grandmother in law who points out these dogs are evil.

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    I don't bother with the bad rap spiel anymore. If people see me walking and ask I will tell them my dogs are friendly and that they are welcome to pet them as long as they are on all fours because they get very happy to see people and sometimes forget their manners. If the person starts a conversation and shows interest I will talk about the breeds of dog I own and how much I like them for their size, fur type, intelligence, trainability and dedication to people. If not, I just smile and walk on.

    I still glare at and sometimes flip off those that think saying something mean is necessary.

    One of the best experiences I have had lately was walking with my brother and all 4 dogs in the city's main park. We were on the little skating/biking/walking paved path. I had my two and my brother had his two. Since we had been walking a bit and it was a sunny day the dogs were all semi panting and sporting the bully grin. Some little old lady and her husband stopped to comment on how it was nice to bring the whole family out walking and how the dogs looked so happy. The bully grin is magic :)

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    Junkyard - It is quite normal for me to encounter people who have an issue with my dog and some of them I try to educate and some of them I don't. I have grown a thick skin to it and usually make one remark that might make them think about what they said, smile, and move on. I had a woman recently tell me she was always afraid of pit bulls but wanted to learn more about them now. I talked to her for 15 minutes about everything that I could think of and guess what...when she walked away she was still afraid of them. I have changed minds too and to people who seem open minded I will continue to talk to them about it...but as for the jack$#@! that know nothing about the breed and clearly don't want to know anything about them - I'm done wasting my breath. Sure, there's a chance the guy was open minded and wanted to be educated, but probably a small one, because from my experience when someone has an open mind they don't approach you like that. He was also standing there with his off-leash dog and I make an absolute RULE of never allowing my dog to interact with dogs who I don't trust and whose owners I don't trust. My dog will not have even a second to interact with a dog whose owner is going to blame my dog for any altercation. I also make a general rule of not arguing with old people over an opinion that it took them longer to form than I have been alive...not sure if you ever argued with an old person over a pit bull but it's generally not worth it. I use to feel the same way you do...tried to convert everyone. Then I realized that 90% of the time it didn't matter what I said, they were too comfortable in their ignorance to listen anyways.

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    If you notice, all of these actions and comments are fear based. I don't give much thought to people who let fear dictate their actions.

    Also none of these people have taken the time to interact or educate themselves about anything relating to dogs or the breed, much less owned one. If someone genuinely seems interested I'm happy to talk their ear off, otherwise I just keep walking.
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  17. most people are scared of envy....until they see that she liistens to everything i say

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    Quote Originally Posted by omgrobyn View Post
    People just like to hear themselves talk, and don't realize they sound like complete morons.

    Exactly!! People sometimes can drive ya nuts, however, I always try to turn every encounter into a chance to educate someone. Heck, if nothing else, they get tired of listening to me talk, so they will decide to befriend Bella just to shut me up! :p

    I know it's frustrating, but I think anytime we get an opportunity to squash myths that other people have about our breed, we should take advantage of the chance to educate them. Had that been me, I probably would have asked him why he didn't trust them, what experiences he had had that made him distrust or dislike them? Then I would have encouraged him to pet the dog, so he could see firsthand that all the things he's thought, have been wrong. :D

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    I actually have not been asked the "is he mean" question, I always get "does he bite" I try to be polite so I say "no he is sweet, he has never bitten a human or dog" I tell them things if they start petting him about how they can be DA and blah blah blah but I have to say I have not gotten the "is he mean" but I guess its because he is a goofball looking sad excuse for the bully breeds, and his height throws a lot of people off his breed anyhow. I do hate when I go into petsmart and people walk up behind me and start petting him, I mean come on I have seen a lot of snappy mean dogs in petsmart, why would you not ask to pet a dog...that drives me nuts

    I think the guy was just being an idiot, he might have a conflict of reality and what the news says in his head, like why would my friend has a grand daughter with a mean dog and stuff like that. I would not have let him pet him either.

  20. no Brooke, i dont try to change any ones mind at all. i couldnt care less what people do think or say about my dogs these days, please dont take what i wrote as being only towards yourself as much as it was a suggestion that maybee all of us could change our efforts in that regard, me for no 1! it just reminded me where there was a time that i would go out and try to change a few opinions. ive been past that for years now, as long as my dogs dont get out or attack anything at all im happy.
    dogs are safe my minds at ease.

    my main point was that alot of us have lost that side of it where we were not effected by those people we use to actually change them a little. And maybee, its time we put a little more effort in again.

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