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    Quantity and Feeding Guidelines of Kibble

    Is it just me, or does the kibble manufacturers place guidelines that tends to make your dogs overweight/underweight? For example, it states on the bag of a blue buffalo brand chicken and brown rice formula that one cup (standard 8 oz cup) contains 462.8 calories. Now they also state that a 50 lb. dog should be fed 2- 2 3/4 cups. That is 16 oz to 22 oz of food, which is 1 lb. - 1.375 lbs. of food and equates to 925.6 - 1272.7 calories. Now this might not seem a lot, but for many dog owners nowadays, it seems that the majority of their dogs daily activities consists of lying on the couch and/or just being stationary with perhaps a 15-30 mins. walk everyday. Now if the dog is continually fed this amount and receives only 15-30 mins. of low to moderate exercise per day, once does not need to infer deeply to see that the dog will eventually become obese, as many dogs are nowadays. Then we have the opposite end of the spectrum where a 50 lb. dog that is extensively worked and conditioned each day, such as regular walks and an hours worth or so of conditioning/hard play such as springpole and flirtpole, the dog might actually end up being too skinny. So because of this, I am wondering, how many people here actually follow the guidelines, or does everybody here prefer to adjust and modify their feeding regiment?

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    I have never followed the feeding guidelines. I have always looked at the body condition of my dog and adjusted accordingly.

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    I never look at guidelines either, I just start a 1 cup a meal and adjust from there depending on weight, every dog is different, some gain and hold weight too easily, some burn through it like nothing.

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    I usually look at the guidelines, say 'that's way too much', then figure it out myself. I'm constantly adjusting and modifying based on body condition.
    For example, Liberty is supposedly supposed to get 2 1/3-3 1/4 cups a day. She currently gets 1.5 cups a day.
    Lily is supposed to get 2.5-3 cups a day. She currently gets 2.25.

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    When I switched from Diamond to TOTW, I started with the amount I was originally feeding them (Ethel 6 cups, Lucy 3 cups, Damas 5 cups). Within 3 days I was able to knock Ethel and Damas down to 4 cups each a day, and Lucy to 2.5 cups. I might start giving Lucy 2 cups a day soon.

    I've never gone with those guidelines. I feed my dogs as little as I can. It works though, as the vet's office says Ethel is the first lean Saint Bernard they've seen in years.

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