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  1. My puppy has diarrhea for 2 1/2 weeks!

    I am having trouble with my 4 month old pit! She has been having diarrhea for over 2 weeks! I told her to the doctor 2x. She has had 2 intestinal parasite test and its negative. The first time the vet gave me antibiotics that she had to take for a 10 change. This time the vet gave me a broad spectrum parasite medication just to make sure they didn't miss any unseen bugs in her stool. He told me if it didn't work to give her chicken and rice for a week which I started 2day. One of her anal gland was full but the vet took care of that. She is overall healthy, no appetite issues, her looks are fine, her energy level is normal. She is also up to date on all her shots. Its just the soft stool issue. Any suggestion on what to do to get her stool harden? Or has anyone else had a similar experience and what cured it? Please help me, as I am desperate to get her well. Thanks!

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    What have you been feeding?

  3. I wanted to add....I feed her Innova puppy food. The vet said it might be the food and I should change it to iams intestinal brand.....? I am not a fan of by-product, corn dog food. I will switch it if the chicken and rice doesn't work but could it be the innova? She has been eating it since I got her at 8 weeks.

  4. A Tblsp. of canned pumpkin (not the pie stuff) added to the food will help firm up the stools. Also check into Slippery Elm Bark Powder, an awesome herb to have on hand for any intestinal complaints!

    SOunds like a food allergy to me. I feed and recommend Purina Pro Plan Salmon and Rice, my Dobes and Pearl the pitty do well on it, no digestive issues, stools are always firm.

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    Give the chicken and rice a shot.

    How long has your dog been on Innova? Maybe it's just too rich.

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    Maybe try Acana? Its a less rich, which may help.

    My dogs have iron guts with anything except grain products... so for example if I tried ye olde chicken and rice bland meals I'd have a big problems on my hands. Just saying...

    TOTW is all life stages. Lots of people here use that.

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    I had the same thing happen with Canidae. Trina had been eating it for 2 months and then reciently had diahreah for about 2 weeks. I switched to Chicken Soup and its getting much better.

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    Is it just soft stools or diarrhea? Big difference. Soft stools are just soft, diarrhea is liquid. Is your dog chewing rawhides of any kind?

  9. She has been eating innova since I had her at 8 weeks old. Its been 3 weeks now and I'm schedule to go back to the vet next week... I'm dreadin it because of the bill! She has a combination of diarrhea and soft stool. I have been doing the chicken and rice with tbs of pumpkin just to have watery stool again. I know I will probably have to switch...the vet told me to try the iams low resuide IG, its leavin me no choice but to change the food. Why would she have soft stool with chicken and rice? Unless it is the grain. She eats bully sticks, no rawhide. I really appreciate everyone for helping me trying to solve the problem...I am looking at every option I can to get to the bottom of this. Thanks!

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    I would try something like Acana or TOTW personally. And cut out the bully sticks, etc. until her GI issues are resolved.

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    My dog just recently got over the exact same problem. Our vet also did parasite tests that came back negative and was never able to really pinpoint the problem. I did the chicken and rice diet for a few days and gave her Gastrafate which I think is kind of like pepto bismo for dogs, it's like a coating for their stomach. I would be careful about using Iams because a lot of vets (at least the one I used to go to) has deals with companies like Iams and Science Diet to sell their products..not because they're better, just to make money. Hope your puppy feels better soon!

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    Quote Originally Posted by monkeys23 View Post
    I would try something like Acana or TOTW personally. And cut out the bully sticks, etc. until her GI issues are resolved.
    I agree! Jack is allergic to beef protein, so bully sticks make his stools very loose.

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    Try giving her nothing except a few spoons of pumpkin, every couple of hours, for one day. Then on day 2, you can add just a little chicken and rice to the pumpkin, every 3 hours or so, not a large helping, maybe half a cup. The pumpkin alone, should firm up her stool in a couple of days, but when you start adding anything to it, there's a chance that it will take longer to firm up. Pumpkin is excellent for firming stool, I keep it on hand, and once I open a can, I put the rest in ice cube trays and freeze it, then pop them into Ziploc bags to have the perfect serving size for the next time they get sick.

    One thing with Bella, she had bad itchies, until I took her off anything with chicken in it and put her on TOTW Pacific Stream, the salmon formula. Itchies cleared up right away. Now, I only give her fresh baked or grilled chicken every now and then, but I still don't buy kibble that has chicken in it. They are on TOTW Pacific Stream, and no problems with stools. :)

    Let us know what you find out, and I hope your pup will be back to normal soon. :)

  14. Thank you so much for all the advice! I finally changed her food to TOTW salmon having sucess, her stool has harden within a couple days. I believe she is allergic to grain. I can't believe it took me so long to catch on. I really thought it was something more serious because she eats everyting! I will definately keep in handy some of the things that were mentioned for future use. Thanks :)

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    The Innova does not have grain in it does it?

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    i had same problem with my pup. He ended up having a prolapse of the rectum i've had him on chicken, rice, pasta and mainly white meat with veg. I had him on bakers puppy food. The dry mix. Vet wasn't sure what caused it but any time he eats any of the other dogs food the diareha comes back so i've put it down to an allergy to the food.

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