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  1. Itchy Red Rash....

    Hi. My pit has a rash that has been spreading around in isolated spots on his body.

    He went to a cheap clinic a few months ago for neutering and I noticed some red spots from this moment on near the delicate areas. I discounted them as post surgery irritation and my vet gave him an antibiotic for the "infection". The rash has moved around the body now in random spots and he is extremely irritated. Scratching with light scabbing and minor hair loss around the areas (I believe from scratching). I have taken him back to the vet and they have ruled out mange and ring worm, and said it is probably flea allergies. But, he is 3 1/2 and this would be a new thing. I can't help but think he got something at the high turn-over clinic. My vet suggested an antibiotic treatment and antihistamines, as well as a shampoo and has him on a skin healthy dog food.

    The few fleas he had are long gone and it's been a couple of months, so not sure this is proper diagnosis.
    Could there be other solutions? causes? etc...

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    I'd get another vet opinion.

    What's he eating?

  3. Here's a photo of the rash:

    RASH on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    Maybe I should have him checked again for mange.?

    I'm feeding him Royal Canin (Bulldog), which was suggested by my vet.
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    A vet visit is in order. It could be allergies. You could probably try a small dosage of Benadryl and see if it helps. But I would seek the advice of the vet.

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    Rocco had a rash on his belly, genitals, and 'armpits' which looked similar; i farted around w/ home remedy's w/ no result, so brought him to the Vet. who did a scraping, stool test ( he said it was possibly the result of parasites) and we talked about his diet and the things in his environment.
    Turned out he was reacting to the Lysol floor cleaner I was using. Now I use ' simple green', but have been told there's a product called 'evergreen' which is better. ( apparently simple green cannot be used around pregnant women) I also wash his stuff, crate mat, toy's etc with hypoallergenic detergent.
    He needed steroids to get rid of the rash however and they can be tough on the kidneys so I'm going to be careful of any chemicals I introduce into the house in the future, want to avoid a repeat if possible.

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